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Programming Corner
Number: 003
Date: 08 01 2002
Author: Intag
Source: Intag

General Systems Software Packages

  • SAP : e-Business German System, huge and fully integrated. Specially suited for big Corporations.
  • J.D. Edwards: Same as SAP but more oriented to Accounting and Finance
  • Siebel: An American giant oriented to offer integrated packages trough Internet. Specially suited for CRM market.
  • Baan: From Holland, same as SAP but oriented to industrial activities.
  • Syspro: For Accounting, Manufacturing and Distribution
  • Oracle: With a long lasting Databases excellence throughout the world now trying to lead the big Corporate Market.
  • PeopleSoft: Idem to SAP, American competitor but reaching medium size Corporations
  • Great Plains and Solomon: The Microsoft Solomon approach to the big Corporate Market
  • Open Systems: Same as SAP but oriented to compete in the small to medium businesses arena.
  • Fourth Shift: For midrange manufacturing
  • NetLedger: Its a totally web-based accounting system written for small and medium sized businesses.
  • BestSoftware: Suited for Small to Medium size companies with more than 1 million operating copies working.
  • Peachtree : SBA Accounting American leader
  • Quick Books: SBA and Personal solutions
  • Open Systems Accounting Software (OSAS)
  • Microsoft Small Business Manager: Great Plains approach to Small to Medium businesses
  • Sales Logix: CRM for Small to Medium
  • Goldmine: Idem, Logix

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