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Number: 008
Date: 08 01 2002
Author: Intag
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    As long as concerning databases creation and administration, the classics are Microsoft, Oracle and Informix, which operate under SQL.

    SQL, which stands for Structured Query Language, or vulgarly sequel, is a standard language to create, update and query a relational databases system, developed in 1970. Standard is the right word because SQL is an ISO standard and an ANSI standard as well

    Conversely there exist SQL servers making reference to any DBMS Database Management System able to answer queries written in SQL language, for instance, the Microsoft SQL and Sybase servers.

    ODBC, by Open DataBase Connectivity, is a Standard that enables access to different databases systems such as Access, Paradox, dBase, Excel, etc. Similar to a hardware system it's formed by a set of drivers. In turn, ODBC allows connectivity with different languages: VB, C++ and SQL. However, OBDC is not a Microsoft standard; the SQL Access Groups, integrated among others by Microsoft, created it.

    OLEDB. Microsoft has its own alternative system, OLEDB, built as a joint effort with Merant, as a low level interface to interconnect and to make coherent all the organizational data. It's an open standard to access any type of structured data.

    MySQL, it's an SQL server, not compromised with the aggressive commercial dot com lines and accordingly widely used in universities. You may see it in and in Its creator warn everybody not to confuse MySQL with the different SQL products and for that they emphasize to pronounce like My Ess Que Ell, tah is like myesquel in Spanish.

    MySQL is apt to manage multiple data databases from moderate to high volumes. Its action circles around a mysqld or MySQL demon that serves to many client-server units. A demon is a program that remains like dormant expecting that "something" occurs, and it's an acronym for Disk and Execution Monitor. The central idea is that assaulting users must we aware that the demon is always aware. It's especially apt for monitoring tasks. Unix systems usually handle demons to manage its requirements.

    mSQL, or mini SQL is a small databases engine, but providing a fast access with high memory economy. It's apt for Virtual Servers applications. You may find mSQL version 1.1 available in the Hugh Technologies from Australia.

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