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  • FIRST, original of the i-Maps technology
  • Infomaps

    Today we have many companies and labs that perform advanced infomapping. Basically infomaps deals with any coherent set of correspondences mapped in a two or three dimensions sensorial schemes, mainly visual. Here below we depict a series of different mappings schemes.

    1- Kartoo - Visual Search Facilitator
    2- Web Maps
    3- Market Maps
    4- News Maps
    5- Eastern Imagination
    6- Site Maps
    7- Social Patterns Maps
    8- Web Searching Match Maps
    9- Web Maps

    i-DB's and i-Websites Methodology

    I-DB's (Large and Complex I-Websites) Department

    INTAG I-Databases Department, is focused on the Design and implementation of I-Websites, intelligent Websites with a minimum cost of upgrading and maintenance, ranging from one fourth to one fifth of conventional.

    This Department has three types of products/services, namely:

    Intelligent Web Sites Design and Implementation
    Selling manufactured Intelligent Web Sites
    Administration and/or co-Location of Intelligent Web Sites

    At present we have built a huge I-Website, as a living demo hosted in, to demonstrate the convenience and economy of our solutions. As a real house made with a new technology our living demo will speak up by itself more than one million words, so we are going to describe it briefly. As an analogy we could state that we may design and implement "Internet Intelligent Houses" at half the price, with practically an unlimited life cycle and with a minimum cost of upgrading and maintenance, ranging from one fourth to one fifth of conventional.

    1- General Considerations
    2- Our Technology
    3- I-Website Logic
    4- Portal Models

    Programming Corner

    In this corner we introduce our customers to the world of software, presenting for each applications realm the systems, languages and packages we are used to handle more. This list is enriched with our proprietary software, mainly related to the activities and applications of our I-Maps and I-Websites Departments.

  • A survey on Web Information Retrieval Technologies, from Lan Huang, New York State University at Stony Brooks, Computer Science department, PDF, 375 KB.
  • Clustering, a synthesis from North Carolina University, a Word doc of 174 KB.
  • Clustering and Identifying Temporal Trends in Document Databases, Alexandrin Popescul et als, University of Pennsylvania, Department of Computing Sciences and NEC, PDF, 121 KB.
  • A critic of a searching process in Yahoo, about how the search engine robots work, Word doc, 29 KB.
  • Intranet and Extranet conceptually, a Word doc of 33 KB.
  • Seneca methodology applied to build a semantic network for an archeological piece, García Camarero et als, RTF format, 469 KB.
  • Seneca, García Camarero et als, RTF format, RTF format, 112 KB.
  • Software Agents, An Overview, from Hyacinth S. Nwana, BT Laboratories, Advanced Applications and Technology Department, Intelligent Systems Research, London, a summary and a Hub to the subject, 3 KB.


  • e-Guide, a document of VISA, in PDF, 311 KB
  • Forrester Research WP´s about e-Commerce, PDF, 568 KB
  • HP e-Commerce solutions, PDF, 110 KB

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