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Number: 017
Date: 08 01 2002
Author: Intag
Source: Intag


Area: Systems Education and Training
Subject: Corporate Systems Manual
Responsibility: Project Director: Juan Chamero - Isidoro marín
Made for: Argentine National Railroads; Segba, (The ex Great Buenos Aires Electricity Public Company)


Before privatization of most of Argentine Public Services arrives, a Huge public institution closely related to the Argentine history and development, Ferrocarriles Argentinos, which stands for Argentine Railroads, heritance of the old commercial marriage between England and Argentina connecting Smithfield in England with the Pampa Húmeda (the giant argentine savannas where the best cattle of the world breed naturally, via a giant railroad network that collected red meat from thousand of meat concentration market transporting it to a unique port, Buenos Aires.

This huge nationalized company basically created to transport meat and grains to Buenos Aires grew irrational. It became a colonization institution; practically a non-profit organization destined to vertebrate the country but was in danger of dying by bureaucracy, red tape, and terrific excess of personal and with an obsolete structure. At that time they had more than 140,000 employees and suffering daily loses exceeding 1 million dollar. However they had very qualified technical personnel and we were contracted to train them about Systems Engineering and to create a Systems Manual.

We dictate a full course of Systems Engineering at university graduate level and at the end of it we delivered the Systems Engineering Manual Version 1.0. The authorities expected that this group were the seed of a new organization. Unfortunately the privatization came before the seed could grow enough. A speculative privatization harried, savage, ravenous, absolutely non-systemic spread all over Latin America destroying national assets that could have been saved.

This work was made also in Segba, at that time, the Electricity Public Company for Great Buenos Aires, another giant that could have been saved.

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