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Number: 015
Date: 08 01 2002
Author: Intag
Source: Intag


Area: Integrated Management Information System
Subject: SAP, Pilot Case Implementation
Responsibility: Project Director: Juan Chamero
Made for: Molinos Río de La Plata - Bunge & Born


Bunge & Born was the first Economic Group of the Argentine Republic, and its main International Corporation. Its International billing rounded yearly 12.000 million dollars having 1.500 million of it in Argentine being Molinos its major country Corporation. They are old and traditional exporters of commodities fundamentally grains, agribusiness, all kind of foodstuff and having flour mills in many countries.

Work done Implementation at Head Quarter level of a small LAN oriented to HQ Control of the Group, namely:
  • Control all the financial activities of the group, and

  • To test and to train a technical team of engineers and accountants in the use of a soft package they imported from Germany (a Sap R/3 with a pre-release of 3.0). We had to design for them something like a data model (of CASE methodologies type) to be used for training purposes).

  • To make a technical evaluation of the possibilities of the mentioned package in the following areas:

    General Quality:
      Internal Quality Auditing Auditing for business Improvement Statistical Process Control Environmental restrictions Effective Self-Assessment
      Soft Quality Auditing (some SAP modules and the user online process) Advanced Soft Quality Auditing
      Manufacturing Strategy World Class Factory Design Production Planning and Control with MRPII and JIT Market Driven Cost Management Specification and Selection of Plant and equipment
    Management Development:
      Basic Skills for Foremen, Supervisor and Team Leaders Basic skills for Managers Introduction to project Management Financial and non Financial Managerial Talent.
In a second step they implement a SAP R/3 System in a LAN network (Windows NT). They Planned to work with this system during 6 months "in parallel" with the old system (an old IBM Integrated manufacturing System running on an IBM AS/400).

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