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Number: 007
Date: 08 01 2002
Author: Intag
Source: Intag

Mathematical Models and Simulations

Area: Public Works
Subject: General Resources Explosion Matrix Analysis
Responsibility: Public Works Certification Model Director: Juan Chamero
Made For: IBM; Techint Group (one of the biggest Latin America Economic Groups and Public Works South America Contractor); Ministry of public works from Argentina


We applied the Von Neuman Matrix approach to economy to design a set of Public Works Management tools apt from Public Works feasibility studies till Public Works Construction follow-up, administration and Certifications as well. For that we designed a product named RISEL, (Which stands in Spanish for Linear Systems Equations Resolution and Inversion) as the math core of the methodology and over it we made a system of correspondences between, forms, sheets, procedures, taken directly from the construction places and the terms of the matrix built for each Public Work. These tools were successfully used and tested in two huge works: The Zárate - Brazo Largo Bridge over the Paraná River, one of the most important works done in South America in the last decades and in the Futaleufú Dam, in Argentina. In both cases the tools were used to Work Administration and Control purposes.

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