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Number: 021
Date: 08 01 2002
Author: Intag
Source: Intag


Area: Information Retrieval - Human Knowledge - Artificial Intelligence
Subject: Human Knowledge maps, I-Maps in general
Responsibility: Intag Staff
Made for: A group of "Angel Investors"


i-Maps, July 2002 - August 2000 From August 2000 till present a group of "Angel Investors" decided to sponsor the Research and Development of I-Maps to make them feasible. In May 2001, Intag announced a methodology to build Human Knowledge maps that may evolve by themselves. The Press Release we done in Miami and a month later, it was presented in the University of Madrid, Spain. The methodology was optimized and tested and now is ready for its industrialization. The topics used to test the maps feasibility -basically the effort and time needed to extract from the Web the "necessary and sufficient information"- were B2B Vortex and some Medicine disciplines. See our Press Releases and our White Papers sections.

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