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Number: 002
Date: 08 01 2002
Author: Intag
Source: Intag

Mathematical Models and Simulation

Area: Hydrology
Subject: Río de La Plata Basin
Responsibility: Co-Direction, Hydrology model system architecture
Direction: Ivanisevich Machado - Juan Chamero.
Made For: CONCAP, The Río de la Plata River Basin Argentine National Commission - Argentina


This was one of the most important Hydrologic mathematical models transforming rainfall over The Río de La Plata Basin, one of the biggest basins of the World, in water flowing through the Río de La Plata River. This is, together with the Mekong and Mississippi mathematical models, one of the three most important hydrologic consulting works in the world. It was performed as joint effort of SOGREAH, The Grenoble Society of Hydraulic Applications from France and The Río de la Plata River Basin Argentine National Commission. The final outcome was the level of waters in the Río de La Plata River as a function of rains in the upper Brazilian basin was a precision of a few centimeters.

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