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Intag Institutional
Number: 003
Date: 08 01 2002
Author: Intag
Source: Intag

Mathematical Models and Simulations

Area: Urban Projection
Subject: Buenos Aires City Traffic Projection 1975-2025
Direction: Cueto Rúa - Juan Chamero, all Mathematical Models Simulations and Statistical projections
Made For: Municipality of Buenos Aires - Argentina


Buenos Aires City has 3 million inhabitants and is in the core of the Big Buenos Aires, a metropolitan complex of nearly 12 million inhabitants. This complex is crossed from North to South by the 9 the Julio Avenue, being the congestion produced just in the middle of the City zone where is the Obelisk, a symbol of Buenos Aires. A multidisciplinary consulting group of 50 professionals work to define a transportation model of the city as a function of the economy, the land uses, the transportations modes and habits and everything was synthesized in an heuristic model that was tests historically and projected from 1975 through 2025, evaluating a set of more than 100 design alternatives. From this study was selected one of the best alternatives, which is the one that is actually working.

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