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Number: 012
Date: 08 01 2002
Author: Intag
Source: Intag

Mathematical Models and Simulations

Area: Finance
Subject: Savings and Loan Systems Simulation
Responsibility: Architect, Project Director: Juan Chamero
Made for: Many Financial Companies of Brazil and Argentina


The Savings and Loan Systems have something similar to the well-known Chains of Hope that could become into resounding frauds if wrongly managed. Well managed and adequately monitored by governments these systems are a way to drive the whole economy upwards but always come a moment where the system collapses. However this collapse syndrome arrives one or two decades after their initiation. Well managed is also a way to become a bank because the huge amount of circulating money these systems handle.

To initiate a savings and loan business without a simulation study is like to play casino roulette. It's a game almost impossible to manage by experience or just using financial or marketing criteria: things could go up as hell and a sudden collapse is tapping the door in a matter of days!. However the simulations models are precise, through them the production policies could be tested with a reasonable precision. Like the 'Flight Simulators", to play with these models teach you a lot about finance and the time-value of money.

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