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Number: 022
Date: 08 01 2002
Author: Intag
Source: Intag


Area: Web Portals
Subject: Encyclopedia
Responsibility: Intag Staff
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Description, July 2002 - January 2001

Intag creates a Spanish Encyclopedia, designed and implemented as an I-Content site. Actually it has more than 30.000 pages, 70 educational and general interest resources or sections and news for all the Latin American region. It was conceived as a demo site to experiment all the new IR and systems methodologies orienetd to I-Content and I-Websites production. It is an extremely efficient i-Website, as it is continuously upgraded and administered by a staff of three people and supports a traffic volume of 40.000 daily pages view corresponding to nearly 3.000 unique visits. Never has been promoted via conventional media, radio, TV, newspapers and magazines, only by word of mouth. See our White papers about how i-WEbsites differ from conventional.

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