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Number: 024
Date: 08 01 2002
Author: Intag
Source: Intag


Area: B2B - Vortex
Subject: First Latin American Portal
Responsibility: Director and Co- Director: Juan Chamero and Luigi Echeverri
Made for: Yupi Internet, USA

Description, August 1998 - August 2000

Version 1: Direction of the first version of a bilingual B2B Vortex of Vortex, English Spanish, to serve the Small Businesses market of all the Latin American Region, for Yupi Internet.

Version 2: Co-Direction. Design of the Content architecture as I-Content and data collection and editing for its 60 industrial Vortex and Co Direction of its second version. This was the first i-content experience. The site was going to be launched in September 2001 when the "dot com" crisis started. At that time, Microsoft who decided to freeze the B2B - Vortex of Vortex project, acquired Yupi. Now Microsoft has sold the site with almost its whole content to a Chilean Company and is operating as planned.

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