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Most of these works of Consulting were focused and performed with inter disciplinary spirit but centered on a Systems Approach, with the model of the system to be created or optimized in mind. Among them we may find International and national projects that represented joint efforts of more than 40 professionals working full time from six to eight months, as it was the case of projects 1 and 2. Intag inherits all this formidable experience from its co-founder and actual CEO, Juan Chamero. This experience joins and becomes enriched with the fresh experience of the other co founders and Officials along the last six years.

Mathematic Models and Simulation


Intag and its advanced technology was the result of a continuous effort done along five years by a small group of people working hard, persistently and even obstinate around one central idea: the union of the "old" system thinking with the "new" operating thinking. With the technology going so fast, it seemed an almost impossible undertaking but finally got in despite of the last Internet long lasting crisis. We are on the move, mastering and working with the most advanced technologies and at the same time thinking systematically.

Our founding team had 5 persons, one belonging to the "old" generation, two belonging to the medium generation and two to the youngest. Only one of us, our Programmer Guru, will be temporarily absent for at least four years as he is now engaged in obtaining his "post-Doc" in Physics in North Caroline University but notwithstanding he is always well aware of our findings.

Intag has recently sponsored the creation of a new Argentine Darwin Team, to promote Darwin applications and its by products in the Mercosur region, Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay and Paraguay.

Juan Chamero,       Intag CEO
Daniel Chamero,     Intag CTO
Nicolás Chamero,   Intag Director and Web Graphic Director
Agustín Chamero,  Intag Director, and CTO Assistant

Marcelo Behar,      Honorary CTO

 Press Releases
Human Knowledge Maps and e-membranes
Darwin-FIRST Methodology
Press Releases

The FIRST methodology, which stands for Full Information Retrieval System Thesaurus, was announced on May 9th of year 2001, broadcasted by the Spanish Agency EFE from Spain and published the same day by the Miami Herald in its Spanish version. Darwin which stands for Distributed Agents to Retrieve the Web Intelligence is an derived concept of FIRST: a network of FIRST nodes. In July 8th of year 2003 a first Prototype of a Human Knowledge Map with a built-in e-membrane was launched from Argentina and announced in July 10th by the BBC of London. This map was automatically generated by one of our agents (a "procureboot" agent) for the ICT discipline, Information, Computing and Telecommunications. This is a Knowledge Management breakthrough because with these Artificial Intelligent e-membranes, "only one click" super Search Engines could be easily implemented. As an e-membranes behaves as a living bio-membranes with its corresponding ectoderm, mesoderm, and endoderm, Websites could be enabled to make its content evolve by themselves and at the same time to infer their users' behavior patterns. Darwin-FIRST makes Websites look alive. Darwin networks may retrieve intelligence of different markets, to consolidate and equalize it.

  • How to deal with high tech projects that break establishment rules, July 2004
  • Darwin-FIRST, First Prototype of Human Knowledge Map, Version 1.0, January 2004
  • Towards a New Digitalized Human Knowledge Paradigm
  • ,, Dec 2003
  • (Spanish) Nuevo Paradigma del Conocimiento Humano, Red Científica, Dic 2003
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  • El Mundo from Spain, 19th June 2001
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