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In a world that advances technologically at a terrific pace and particularly within the realm of Internet, the indiscriminate and hurried application of complex technologies had turned it into chaos along the last decade.


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I-Websites I-DB's I-Graphic
Most Websites are old fashioned; extremely expensive and aging too fast As systems grow in volume they grow exponentially in complexity. i-Graphic is a very sophisticated art that manages varied, complex, and expensive software packages.
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I-Maps I-PC & Networks I-Program
People get tired spending hours and even days looking for what they need. i-maps allow general users to find what they need in a few clicks, ideally in only one click. Take care: probably your assets and even your security are tied up to systems that sometimes could behave like useless idiots!. We start from an architecture that covers not only the details of the applications to be programmed but also globally the whole system to serve.
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Inteligencia Artificial:
La Inteligencia Artificial o IA en Español y AI en Inglés, es una ciencia perteneciente a la rama de la Cibernética, que estudia el mecanismo de la inteligencia humana con el fin de crear máquinas inteligentes, capaces de realizar cálculos y de pensar, elaborar juicios y tomar decisiones.
Strategic Partnerships: Intag is expanding through strategic partnerships in Europe, USA and Latin America. Distances are virtually inexistent in today’s Systems’ and ICT activities. This enables working with experts from all over the world and concentrating technological and professional excellence at its lowest international price.

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