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In this section we present our Classified Documents, namely our major know how assets or at least some keys to understand them. You are morally obliged to keep all this information as it is for us: CLASSIFIED, within its context and bearing on it everything technical, morally, ethically and legally covered in that concept. Implicitly you sign morally a NDA, Non Disclosure Agreement, with us about everything shown here. If eventually you decide to copy something we pray you to communicate that event to us in order to carry a precise log about the location of our assets in the Cyberspace. As we disclose this information only to some of our employees, partners and affiliates we pray you to keep the ID and password to enter here as your very private concern as well. If you need additional assistance to understand some documents and/or additional information not present here yet or in course of elaboration, please do not hesitate to contact us. Thanks!.

Ing. Juan Chamero
CEO Intag, October 1st 2002

001 - Subject: Commercial, HKM - Commercial Benchmarks -
002 - Subject: Business Plan, First Intag Business Plan -
003 - Subject: Systems, Genesis of the HKM idea -
004 - Subject: Projet Execution, Staff to build a HKM -
005 - Subject: Market Research, B2B Market Research -
006 - Subject: Market Research, B2B Sample of Authorities to feed a Map -
007 - Subject: Systems, A Classical Systems Consulting Business Model, to Internet Applications -
008 - Subject: Market Research, Intelligent Bibliography -
009 - Subject: Market Research, B2B Sample of 2,400 Industry Authorities to feed a Map -
010 - Subject: Systems, DBīs i.URLīs Systems Generalization (Spanish) -
011 - Subject: Systems, The first experience filling an i-DB (Spanish) -

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