Intag Classified Documents
Classified Document Number 5
Number: 005
Date: June 2000
Author/s: Juan Chamero


Market Research

B2B Market researck - E-Commerce

E-Commerce Market Research

Before the dot com crisis started, Juan Chamero, as a Consultant, made a market research bound to the B2B E-Commerce arena. From a Favorites Folder of nearly 6,000 B2B Websites, 80 were selected as case studies to be taken into account as leading this new and promising niche. Going deep into this sample one thing comes as true: the B2B arena seemed the realm of mismatch instead of match. B2B Website owners and their potential users went in different directions.


B2B e-Commerce Market Research


3. Market Research Report




01. business technology magazine.



Startup: 1989

Name: Upside

Circulation: 200.000

Profile: critical reports about high tech.

Features: magazine, website, books and organize events.

Chief Editor: Adrian Mello

Another site: , commenting the digital era advances and movements.


They support a "vortex soft" titled Thunderstone. By the description, it looks like the program designed here in by Marcelo and his staff: Documents General Entry and Classification Program.


Every year they issue the Hall of Fame and the Top 100 in the Internet Arena, mainly e-commerce. As an example, Star Media ranks 49:



Fernando Espuelas

Founder, Chairman and CEO, StarMedia

Viva la Revolucion! On the Web, of course. Espuelas' vision to unite the masses of Spanish- and Portuguese-speaking Netizens has come true. StarMedia is by far the largest Latin American online community, offering free home pages, e-mail and more.



bandwidth: narrow

deepness: 2





It’s a French site practically void. It only provides a good agribusiness directory. Its Opportunity Board (leads) is almost empty. However is bilingual: French, English.


It’s an example of people who want to manage a direct buy and selling match making without neither too much experience nor too much resources and proceed to accept a free Virtual Office offer, in this specific case from . is apt to the massive capture of this type of members/customers.


bandwith: irrelevant

deepness: 0



Smart and ( ) have merged creating a huge mail list resource with 13+ million users, 1.300 monthly email  and 300.000+ groups, email connected complemented by forum and chats.


Comment: I wander if this initiative will not tend to make disappear the newsgroups type resources, because all these groups could be implemented and organized in a more open, scalable, customizable and friendly atmosphere than before. Something similar occurred with the gophers.


Comment: I'm not able to imagine what type of co brand could we devise with these kind of business but I consider that something must be done. It looks like something highly evolutional and natural.


bandwidth: wide

deepness: 3



Apparel Industry Magazine,


Vortex seed


It’s accessible by subscription: +18000 industry executives.

They could become an apparel vortex seed. They started as far as 1946. As they look too conservative and rather shortsighted we have to imagine how to add services and features in their sake. 


bandwidth: narrow

deepness: 1 but serious






Empresarios is a Pymes Venezuelan foundation that offers two services: ERIC, a general business query Data Base designed at the old Ask Erick Internet style and another devoted to executive training.


It's a local effort to invigorate the local Pymes. We could empower and upgrade them but we need to know a bit more about its local influence.


Note: Eric stands for Empresarios, Red de Información y Cooperación.



bandwith: narrow

deepness: 1






It’s a typical B2B site I dare “prima facie” to qualify as “light”. However we do not misevaluate them because they could success anyway, so unpredictable is Internet!.

They auto define as a B2B market maker, something in the future line of


They say: 

The BizProLink Network is a Business-to-Business (B2B) market maker, which brings buyers and sellers together by creating Internet-based communities of interest for the exchange of goods, services and information in a particular industrial sector.


They showoff 22 industries that in their turn cooperate with them were providing services to the B2B community. It's evidently a trivia matter but it deserves at least some minutes of our attention. They are titling them "strategic partners" notwithstanding they do no have links to them, only their logos!.


Some key facts:


a) they are sponsored by MasterCard.


b) They are proud to announce everybody that the information provided by members are privacy protected in some extent. They say:


"BizProLink is a licensee of the TRUSTe Privacy Program. This statement discloses the privacy practices for the BizProLink. When you visit a Web site displaying the TRUSTe trustmark, you can expect to be notified of What personally identifiable information of yours is collected; What organization is collecting the information; How the information is used; With whom the information may be shared; What choices are available to you regarding collection, use and distribution of the information; What kind of security procedures are in place to protect the loss, misuse or alteration of information under the company’s control; and How you can correct any inaccuracies in the information".


Comment: We have to think about a similar feature!. And a Vault service too!, similar to the one offered by



c) They allege to serve to 102 vortex's. At random I entered in one of them: Environmental Industry and I found just nothing, void, only forms to be filled, surrounded by 4 frames of general services. To be honest I found one info entry: events.


They have for each vortex the following items list:




National, State, Local...



Charitable Organizations...



Events, Expos, Conferences...


Discussion Forums

Live Chats, Bulletin Boards...



Universities, Continuing Education...


Financial Services

Banking, Investments...



Agencies, Statistics, Legislation...


Human Resources

Payroll, Benefits, Policies...



Business, Liability, E&O...



Advertising, Public Relations...


Professional Development

Motivation, Team Building, Seminars...


Professional Services

Accounting, Legal, Consulting...



Newspapers, Magazines, Newsletters ...



Hardware, Software, Information Updates..





Let see what are they offering for instance in the Business Tools section:


1. Business Contract: a payed service with the firm Smart Agreement.

2. Business Credit Checking: another firm Equifax as a referral company.

3. Business Travel: with Travelocity

4. Financial Center (qotations): another service.

5. Find a business: with InfoUsa

6. Find a person: idem, with InfoUsa

7. Financial Newsletter: with

8. Magazines Suscription: with

9. Maps and Directions: another.

10. Qualkified business leads:



This is perhaps the core of the site but it's restricted to buy and sell of services and office products. You as a member ask for something, for instance a consulting service, fills a form prepared for some consulting firm (surely associated to them) and they promise to send you at least 5 proposals.


Comment: I suggest the could offer something similar apart from the real business match making!!. 


Foods Industry: This is more complete. It has a different subjects list in its main page. They add some news like: Foodservice Today to the left hand general Menu. They offer a directory for each industry, only the links with a brief comment and in some of them a map locator and an info brief with the address.


Comment: here is the clue!: they provide a specialized Yellow Page for each industry but almost restricted to the products and services of its 22 “partners”.


They provide for each of its 102 industries the following links:



Add Your Products

Catalogs, Storefronts,


Auctions Online

Bid/Sell Merchandise...


Brands & Manufacturers

Consumables, Equipment, Utensils...


Business Opportunities

Franchising, Real Estate...



Charitable Organizations...


Design & Construction

Architects, Contractors, Designers...


Discussion Forums

Live Chats, Community, Mentoring...



Universities, Continuing Ed...


Financial Services

Banking, Investments...



Agencies, Statistics, Issues...


Human Resources

Payroll, Benefits...



All your insurance needs...


Law & Legislation

Attorneys, Legal Issues...



Advertising, Public Relations...


Menu Resources

Planning, Recipes, Nutrition...


Office Supplies

Products, Services, Equipment...


Operations Support

Consultants, Reference, Security...


Personal Development

Motivation, Team Building...


Professional Associations

National, State, Local...



Magazines, Newspapers, Online...



Agencies, Job Opportunities...


Safety & Sanitation

Standards & Compliance...



Computers, Hardware, Software...





Comment: Most of its 102 industries are void, nor even without a link. My estimate is that less than 5% has something apart from events. They started with Yellow Pages in the industries but only related to their 22 startup partners.



Comment: The invented one reliability service with their own brand, so they testify that they are serious people concerning e-commerce. The brand is BBB and the org is , Better Business Bureau that testify that a given enterprise really exists. I think that could do the same.


Comment: Notwithstanding these deep differences with they are restricted to the USA domestic market.



bandwidth: wide

deepness: 2 with too much bluffing



Everything for the AEC Industry - Todo para la Industria de la Construcción

Vortex seed


Everything fot the AEC industry, namely Architecture, Engineering and Construction industry. This is a real vortex but in its startup. The general frame and scope is wide enough to encompass the whole industry. It could be a good partner to conquer.


bandwith: wide within its industry

deepness: 1 going through 2 and 3 along the time if succeed.






It’s an e-commerce soft provider being e-sales its killer product.


Calico Commerce, Inc., headquartered in San Jose, California and with offices throughout the United States and Europe, is a leading provider of software and services that enable customers to engage in e-Commerce by selling complex products and services over the Internet.


Calico has 272 employees and was public since 1994. Calico’s customers include the following:


Best Buy, Cabletron, Cisco, Dell, Eastman Kodak,, Gateway, JLG, MTD, Merrill Lynch, Motorola, Nortel, Racal, Rockwell, Siemens, Sunrise Medical, Telia, Telxon, Trailmobile, Tyler Refrigeration, US West, UAL, and Zurn Industries. 


Field Offices

Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, New York, London, Munich, Stockholm, and Singapore


Press release:


San Jose, Calif. – December 28, 1999 – Calico Commerce (Nasdaq: CLIC), a leading provider of electronic commerce software and services, today announced that ( ), a business-to-business marketplace for the international sporting good industry, has selected Calico to integrate the core elements required to construct a trading exchange including product catalog, order management and business-to-business e-Commerce process functionality. is dedicated to providing its customers with the ability to conduct highly effective business-to-business commerce in order to take advantage of current technologies and use the Internet in the most efficient and practical way possible.’s electronic business-to-business marketplace includes full electronic commerce capabilities for Seller and Buyer companies including online electronic catalogs, order entry, auctions, tenders and communications services. Buyers and Sellers can utilize the marketplace with minimum investment. can be found on the World Wide Web at .




Calico is available immediately and pricing begins at $225,000. Hosting, professional services, web design, technical support can also be provided by Calico and its eSales partners. For more information on Calico, visit .



To support this focused initiative, Calico is partnering with USinternetworking, Inc. (Nasdaq: USIX) and ZAMBA (Nasdaq: ZMBA) to provide net market makers with best-of-breed eSales solutions that will result in reduced time to market, a compelling customer experience and lasting competitive advantage. Calico has chosen USi to host eCommerce solutions for a broad range of market making companies that are typically more capital constrained and eager to achieve rapid results. Calico and USi will enable companies to quickly deploy their solution without the associated cost and burden of owning, managing or supporting the applications or underlying infrastructure. Calico and ZAMBA will integrate the open, systems-based solution with companies’ existing infrastructures to streamline the sales process.



Comment: see in this same report. They are apparently well prepared to the B2B soft battle with reasonable medium size alliances and they offer a “killer” soft. It seems that within the long chain going from a general buyer firm to a general seller/provider firm the are particularly strong in the Trade Exchange engine. If is interested in this kind of product we have to investigate a little more about that.







Casbah Corporation offers dynamic solutions to the business-to-business online auction market space.


The company was founded in 1998 by Dr. John Park and Dr. Chsz-Hyen Wu, former chief executive and chief technology officer, respectively, of Metra Corporation, an industrial management solutions provider. 


Casbah's founders recognized the weaknesses of traditional artificial intelligence and algorithmic solutions in dynamic environments. They created bidding agents to manage production and logistics problems -- effectively pioneering the practical application of multi-agent technology.


Comment: It’s right, there were not recognized dynamic solution for complex match making environment!.


Features include:


• Multi-parameter bidding - include multiple factors in a bid such as price, quantity, delivery time, etc.

• Contingency bidding - bid on one item contingent upon securing another item

• Bundled and unbundled pricing - bid on multiple items together in order to achieve cost savings

• Comparison bidding - compare multiple items and bid on the item with the best value

• Preference bidding - bid on several items and specify a preference among these items

• Budget management - purchase multiple items within an overall budget



Moving beyond catalogues and auctions, Casbah offers a market-ready solution for dynamic exchanges:


• Hosted Exchanges -- multiple buyers and sellers negotiate to achieve efficient pricing

• Supply Chain Exchanges -- multiple buyers and sellers negotiate while simultaneously linking to supply chain parties to create an optimal solution



Comment: they are a Californian firm with no provided information about its corporative size and status. They look like sound intelligent agents designers but perhaps limited concerning material resources.






In 1999, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and Telcom Ventures, L.L.C. joined forces to create ChamberBiz, the only Internet business portal officially endorsed by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. ChamberBiz will provide e-commerce, and community solutions through reliable relationships with Chambers around the country and other well-recognized content and service providers.


Founded in 1912, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce is the world's largest business federation representing nearly three million companies, 3,000 state and local chambers, 775 business associations and 85 American Chambers of Commerce abroad. Headquartered directly in front of the White House, the U.S. Chamber's primary mission is to fight for the interests of business and free enterprise before Congress, the White House, regulatory agencies, the courts, the court of public opinion, and before governments around the world.


Telcom Ventures is a venture capital company specializing in the information and communications industries. Headquartered in Alexandria, Virginia, Telcom Ventures has affiliates throughout the United States, Europe, Latin America, and Asia.


Comment: it looks like a very important lobby for the e-commerce. Its marketplace where allegedly the registered members could offer their products is in construction. I suggest some kind of institutional approach ASAP. It will be strategically important in doing businesses with the LA Chambers of Commerce!.


Bandwidth: wide

Deepness: 0, 3+ potentially 





Comment: is an ISP and Web developer. It's an industrial directory at the Chinese style: direct to the business without much ado. They are very active and up to the moment they are easily accessible and humble, so could be interesting to gather them to our co brand community (Continental China). They have an interesting board of trade leads (1100 the 3th of January).


Deepness: 1 => 2







Comment: Absolutely void, it's an example of some consultant audacious startup putting all their effort in a front page design.


Deepness: 0



Vortex seed is a real-time interactive auction site specialized in the sale of pro audio, pro video, lighting and DJ gear, and musical instruments at auction prices.


They announce:


Unlike other auctions, you can have confidence and rest assured because everything on Digibid is covered by a 100% money back guarantee!


Comment: It seems a serious medium size site a little more advanced than in its startup stage (concerning the auction implementation in itself).


bandwidht: narrow

deepness: 1 => 2



Center Group



Comment: a trade exchange consultant firm. They look more as an economical intelligence-consulting firm than as a trade agent. Originate from Argentina its dominant talent seems to be exports to Brazil.


bandwidth: trade, too much wide

deepness: 1







A new consultant firm that present a new e-commerce network system with the alliance of an EDI firm and a buyers-sellers software. The founders come from the retailing consulting arena, basically sports manufacturing and retailing.


They present a conceptual introduction to the e-commerce, buyers and sellers match making through Internet, combined with the classical VAN's, Value Added Network, working with ERP and EDI "old" concepts.


They talk of a network of "affiliated" buyers (affiliated to them via its own software: CES). The key of that system are the seller Catalogs managed by one of his partners: InterWorld interface meanwhile the UPC data is provided by the owner of the VAN:  Sterling Commerce. The orders are generated “on the fly” by the server and legalized and routed via the VAN.


InterWorld Corporation is a leading provider of enterprise-class Internet commerce software, that enables retailers to place their orders to manufacturers. The architectural framework provides the foundation for the ECS's sales, order management, fulfillment and customer service functions.


Sterling Commerce, Inc. has more than two decades of experience in serving the EDI market providing the back-end tools that allow the communication with the EDI systems of participating manufacturers. The end result is a seamless integration that effectively Web-enables the EDI process.


Comment: It looks like rather empty of customers, notwithstanding they seem to be well prepared to present solutions in the sports and apparel industries.


bandwidth: too loose

deepness: conceptual: 2, practical: 1







It is a leading provider of portals and multi-portal solutions that demand and rely on fast and effective deployment. Basically they offer:


Turnkey Vertical Portal Solutions


Concerning this type of solutions they provide:




Research done by Nielsen/NetRatings compared registered users at major consumer portal sites with unregistered users. The results show that registered users spend substantially more time (up to 400% more) on their personalized site than unregistered users, allowing them to add personal information and individual settings such as look and feel, selection, as well as addition and removal of certain modules.


The Personalization Layer allows each user to further personalize the portal to meet their individual needs. Users can add information such as personal links and stock quotes to the customized start page created by their administrator. 




The customization layer allows the Portal Administrator to create and manage the personalized starting points for users of the site. This enables each company to create unique starting points for groups or customers in different vertical markets.


The Customization Layer enables the Portal Administrator to create the default starting point for a company's Web constituents. The administrator can add company-specific content and settings to create a unique and compelling start page for a company's employees or customers. Administrators can also control membership and access to information and services.





The aggregation layer gathers the applications, content, services and e-commerce from external and internal sources and brings them into the system. Aggregated resources may include industry news, stock quotes, or "windows" into the vertical portal's systems and databases.


The Aggregation Layer gathers content, ecommerce and services from anywhere on the Web or within the organization. The Portal Server is capable of aggregating both structured (XML, ICE) and unstructured data (HTML), as well as information stored in databases or files.


By aggregating content and services and by adding portal functionality to their sites, vertical portals increase traffic, offer "stickiness," and create better relationships with their Web constituents. Aggregation is an especially difficult problem to solve, and many sites are forced to manually collect data or spend expensive engineering resources trying to address these problems. Sites need an integration framework to confer both content and services comprehensively and seamlessly.




Vertical Portal Trends


Comment: this analysis reinforce and updates the Forrester paper about B2B global market!.


The number of vertical exchange and business-to-business portals is growing. The Gartner Group has identified as many as 3000 online exchanges, predicting this number will grow to 100,000 by the year 2001. According to Internet analyst Vernon Keenan, online exchanges will account for 14 percent or $3.8 billion of the Internet economy this year alone, and will grow to 29 percent or $129 billion, of the $446 billion Internet economy by the year 2002. About $88 billion, or 68 percent, of the revenue generated by Internet exchanges will come specifically from business-to-business auctions and real-time trading.


Comment: a shifting focus from horizontals to verticals.


Horizontal markets have matured, become more saturated and are dominated by the large Internet players, primarily the consumer portals (Yupi, ciudadfutura). The tremendous success of consumer based portal sites has caught the imagination of both entrepreneurs and venture capitalists alike that wish to duplicate this success in the vertical markets. Additionally, the inability for consumer portals to speak to all audiences and the growing realization that a direct and ongoing relationship with customers is the key to e-commerce has fueled this interest.


Comment: we are witnesses of the growing popularity of Consumer Internet Exchange Models


Online auctioneers such as eBay and Online have pioneered customer Internet exchanges, validating the business models and laying the foundation for their business counterparts.



Vertical Portal Communities



Comment: In order to be a viable community or customer portals, the community surrounding it should be built and expanded. This is done by personalizing the customer experience and providing useful content and services and giving the user options to customize their online experience at the site. Portal Server features are able to directly address these needs by aggregating a wide variety of content and allowing for a high level of personalization.


Epicentric customization and administrative features also allow sites to segment customers by profitability or loyalty, allowing companies to focus their efforts on delivering high-value services to the community.





Comment: IMPORTANT. We have to take into consideration that all this variety of services covers the whole spectrum of B2B e-commerce enterprise activities. is going to cover only a band of this spectrum, a wide one -mainly around the Trade Exchange with its match making engine- but not the whole spectrum


Whole set of services provided:

Content : News, Documents (OK the same as in


Services : Web Search, Weather, Stock (OK the same as in


Applications : ERP, Microsoft Exchange, Email, Lotus Notes (Up to the moment his crucial service is missing within the Yupi Marketing Horizon of Planning)


e-Commerce : Shopping, Purchasing, Advertising (amarillas is going in that direction. However it has a profuse list of prospective, for instance MOAI and epicentric itself). .


Portal desktop: each customer will have its own desktop selecting the modules taken from the above mentioned activities (OK the same as in


Portal Administrative desktop (OK the same as in




Epicentric Portal Server


It runs as a server-side Java application and is platform and server independent, allowing it to work with most popular Web server environments on both Windows NT and Unix platforms, including those from Microsoft, Sun, IBM, Netscape and Apache. The Portal Server is compatible with Web application servers (e.g. NetDynamics, WebLogic, ColdFusion), proxies, and ad targeting systems.



System Requirements


• Solaris 2.51, 2.6

  250Mhz UltaSPARC processor with at least 128 MB of RAM

• Windows NT 4.0 with Service Pack 3 or higher

  166Mhz Pentium processor with at least 128 MB of RAM

• Red Hat Linux 5.2;

  166Mhz Pentium processor with at least 128 MB of RAM


Web Servers 

• Netscape Enterprise Server 2.01, 3.0, 3.51 (Windows NT, Solaris)

• Netscape FastTrack Server 2.01, 3.01 (Windows NT, Solaris)

• Apache HTTPD Server 1.31 (Solaris, Linux)

• Microsoft Internet Information Server 3.0, 4.0 (Windows NT) 


• RDBMS with JDBC 1.1 compliant database driver

• Oracle 7.3 or higher with Oracle 8 JDBC drivers

• Sybase 11 or higher with Jconnect 3.0 or higher

• Microsoft SQL Server 6.0 


• Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.02 or higher

• Netscape Navigator 3.0 or higher


The Company

They were born in November 1998:


Strategical associations:


Intelligroup, Inc. is a global professional services firm that helps its clients improve their business performance by building and supporting innovative Internet-based solutions and enterprise applications. It has been publicly traded on the NASDAQ National Market (ticker ITIG) since September 1996. .


Comment: provide the investors and the initial demo content to feed the "enterprise portals"!. Epicentric was only one affiliate of the Excite Affiliates Network.


In order of content and e-commerce they make agreements with:


Content and service partners announced today include Reuters, Stockpoint®, Travelocity, Weatherlabs, MapQuest,, Centraal, InternetWire,, OfficeMax, 401K Forum, and that will provide enterprise and vertical portal users with both business and general news, content, search and services. In addition, iSyndicate, the Web's premier content marketplace, will offer a breadth of dynamic content including up-to-the-minute news, audio and video. Epicentric will leverage these partnerships as integrated modules that will ship with the Epicentric Portal Server.



Some other key facts:


Search Engine: Atlas

Virtual Office services: WebEx

Industry Information:, from San Francisco.

Java support:, a portal of Java Technologies

First Contract: USA Postal Services (we are suspicious that this is a free service

Second: GoCampus an application service provider to colleges and universities.


Comment: they appear as one of the most appealing contacts to be made either in the name of Yupi or







This is an extremely useful page, event though it is only one huge page but full of the basic links to export - import to and from USA. It belongs to an almost inexistent firm of Kansas: it looks like a student agenda.


Comment: I suggest contacting them.


Deepness: 1 but good




Geoportals of GeoBiz2Biz ( )

Co-brand (?)


They declare to be only a useful directory about almost everything you may want without letting you wandering by cozy pages.


The idea and the niche is straightforward, going directly to the major subjects of the central theme, in this case the B2B e-commerce, listing the best sites to its particular criteria.


Comment: However we should be listed in it even though Its content is almost zero: only links with a brief comment.


deepness: 1



Globus & NTBD



This is an extraordinary trade information free service of actual and historic track of trade leads, daily and by hundreds!. They seem to have important commercial business and federal procurement contacts and they present a list of TOP's, Trade Opportunity Programs leads!.


Comment: Its International Marketing Insight section must be a must for our marketing people to be aware of the LA countries dominant trends. You may inspect the site as a registered member with: entry: ID: 994YJ; pw: 45817.

Please: If due ask Romulo Remo.



Comment: I suggest to assign a full time person to maintain a gateway with this site – based on amarillas content and policies - to provide an USA - LA Board of Trade Leads in both languages, English and Spanish.




deepness: 3






Comment: It's a delicate and well-designed site, professional, friendly, serious, useful and attractive. It would be nice to count with such a service for the amarillas’ support sections.


deepness: 2,3







It's a Business Information site. It looks like a flat page with a poor search engine. It's basically a collection of articles about business and international trade.


Comment: we could take profit of these kind of sites if they could provide us with high quality documents - and properly updated- about certain categories (they offer free download of whole articles text, even though they did not even mention the sources).


This kind of service could only be profitable if and only if have a specialized editor to act as a demand and receiving filter control of the articles furnished.


The system of categories for theses kind of documents without providing keywords is useless: the documents must be indexed by each of the keywords selected and we should accept only the articles that match substantially with our profiles.


deepness: 1,2






Vortex seed


This is an agribusiness community, initially serving to the Argentine country but it could be extended throughout the Mercosur region. It has shopping, machinery and products auction and general information and services.


Comment: It could be a co-brand and/or partner and/or a seed of vortex. The site is clean and well designed (Spanish).


bandwith: agribusiness

deepness: 2





Co-brand (?)


It's a multilingual (en, es, fr, de, nl, It) world wide known B2B search engine. They have access

information on:


1.5 Million Companies

23 Million key product and service references

2.7 Million executive names

400 000 trade and brand names

50 000 Kompass classification codes

in close to 70 countries


The info they provide is a complete dossier for each firm stored in its data base.


The Kompass Group


Kompass that employs more than 2500 people has served business and industry for over 50 years. It originated in Switzerland and is now present in close to 70 countries on all continents. Kompass has developed its business through a franchise network.


In many countries it operates with internationally known firms such as: Bonnier in Scandinavia, Germany and Hungary, Reed Elsevier in the UK, China, and Singapore, the French and Italian telecom companies in France, Italy, Spain and the Benelux countries, and Coface/Veritas in Mexico, Chili and Canada, Coface/Intercredit in Poland...It’s oriented to Europe and Asia. In LA has offices in Mexico and Chile, in Europe in Spain and Portugal and in USA and Canada.


Comment: They are offering franchising no co brand. We did not see any co brand on it. They look too much conservative concerning agreements and associations.




The Kompass System


The Kompass System is the market place for business:


Sellers present their products and services

Buyers find the products and services they require.


It strengthens the link between buyers and sellers through the use of a unique classification system. This system enables buyers to find the necessary products and services and it enables sellers to target clients.


How It Works?


Every company worldwide, which participates in business-to-business e-commerce, may be listed in the Kompass Database. A basic listing is free so that the majority of appropriate companies are included. The Kompass Database contains close to 1.5 million companies.


Kompass does not represent retailers since it is aimed at professional buyers who deal directly with manufacturers, agents or distributors under standard business-to-business conditions.


The information is presented in comprehensive company profiles which include contact details, product and service information, names of executives, etc. The information is published in each country and internationally in a variety of formats: national books, national and multi-country CD-ROMs and on . A paid extended listing enables companies to display information in addition to that contained in the free basic listing. The Kompass System also offers various other advertising options.


Product and Service Indexing


The Kompass Product and Service Indexing System is comprehensive and effective. Developed over the past 50 years, it has recently been revised and is now standardized worldwide.

A central classification team regulates the numbering and naming of the products and services. New products and services are added to cover emerging technologies and industries. An editorial team screens all the new indexing terms and verifies the accuracy of the translations.


English is the reference language, but the indexing terms are available in close to 40 languages; therefore users can search for products and services using technical terms in their own native languages.


Each product and service is represented by a seven digit code. The first two digits represent the industrial group, the next three the product or service group and the final two identify the product or service.


The Kompass Classification contains close to 50.000 Kompass Classification Codes arranged in a hierarchical structure. For instance, product 31 310 01 "Acetic acids" is classified under product group 31 310 entitled "Organic acids,..." and under industrial group 31 entitled "Acids, alkalis,...". The Kompass Classification is protected by copyright, which is owned by Kompass International ( © Kompass International Neuenschwander SA 1999 ).



Bandwidth: full

deepness: 3, design: 8 out of 10





It's a very new firm (August 1999). They issue a press release for each solution provider incorporated to its list (could be a good idea for to be done in blocks). It's another in the line of small e-zines offering services to the B2B community, fundamentally to SBA firms (Pymes).




Business Challenges


All they have is a collection of IT articles - most of its own magazine- classified by categories, for instance:


Computers and networks

The Internet


Managing Technologies


and for each of them two to three articles.


Business Solutions


For a set of subjects they sent you to a page where they have again articles in the form of press releases of consulting firms that at the end offer you to buy their services.


Comment: they could provide articles for the support sections.


Deepness: 2



Directorios de Industria de Mexico



It's a directory in process of formation.


deepness: 1







It's a real Mineral Vortex!. It's an Info Business Center oriented to mining and exploration.



InfoMine provides:


·          Access to the largest, fully integrated source of worldwide mining & mineral exploration information;

·          Daily news on mining from around the world, fully sort by commodity, country, keywords and more;

·          Daily editorial comment on what is happening in the worldwide mining industry - our own critical view;

·          Full access to influential mining investment newsletters, including Bob Bishop's Gold Mining;

·          Stock Report, the Dines Letter, Mining Business Digest, the Slanker Report, Jay Taylor, the Resource Indicator and Emerging Growth Stocks and more;

·          Access to complete, fully searchable details on thousands of mining companies and mineral properties, searchable by a range of corporate, exploration and production parameters - the "heart" of InfoMine;

·          Access to complete details of thousands of suppliers, fully searchable by name, service category and location;

·          Access to complete details of worldwide career opportunities, updated daily.




Mining people run InfoMine. They have been in the mining information business since 1989, and on the World Wide Web since 1994. It’s a low cost industry resource: a basic listing on InfoMine is free, and Featured Listings start at only US$150 per year.


Its db is being continuously updated. It primarily tracks the activity of mining companies publicly listed in Canada or the United States and the mineral properties that they hold worldwide. Contact information for companies listed in Australia and South Africa is also being added to the database. Almost all the information added to the database is obtained from the documents companies file to the various stock exchanges. InfoMine db focuses on properties with the following commodities: base metals, precious metals, uranium, diamonds and other precious stones such as emeralds. Properties with other commodities such as coal, industrial minerals and semi precious stones are listed on the database but are currently not being updated regularly.


Comment: admirable the deepness of its content. Its reports deal with companies and their properties. They have complete mining information (the best you can) by LA country!: ar, br, ca, us, cl, pe, ve, mx. You should visit them, it's the best example of Vortex I have found!: communities, products (commodities), industry links, providers, expositions, technology, everything you imagine about mining.


bandwith: full

deepnes: 3 full






Comment: It's a classical financial - stocks- site (Spanish).

They are in the line of with offices in Spain (matrix), USA, Mexico and Peru.


deepness: 2

design: a little heavy

traffic: it looks attractive: my estimation is 5.000 daily





Co-brand (?)


The Company


LEXIS-NEXIS is the world's largest provider of credible, in-depth information. From legal and government to business and high-tech, their products and services provide direct access to an enormous information universe.


A trusted source of real-time and archival information for 26 years, the LEXIS-NEXIS Group makes its branded information products available in any medium, via the Web, dial-up online, CD-ROM and books. Purchasing LEXIS-NEXIS brands carries with it the guarantee of access to information from authoritative sources, enriched with valuable enhancements -- such as indexing, linkages and segmentation.


2.2 trillion characters online

2.5 billion searchable documents

26.5 million images/ attachments

10,200 databases

14.7 million documents added each week

1.8 million subscribers

400,000 plus searches per day

24,871 sources -- 18,871 news and business and 6,000 legal


The company began as the Data Corporation in 1966 and was purchased by The Mead Corporation in 1968. Reed Elsevier plc, which acquired the LEXIS-NEXIS Group in late 1994, is a leading world publisher and information provider.


The LEXIS-NEXIS Group, headquartered in Dayton, Ohio, employs 8,000 individuals worldwide. Serving customers in more than 60 countries, sales representatives are located in 50 U.S. cities and around the world, including Amsterdam, London, Frankfurt, Paris, Singapore, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Sydney and Toronto.


Comment: Restrictions: its info is bound to Asia Pacific, USA and Canada.


deepness: +3

cleanliness, profes.: 10



Links to Go



Comment: It's an intelligent directory and/or search engine. It permits you to edit your personal favorites within and as a part of the search windows.



Links2Go is the result of over 10 person years of research into Machine Learning and Intelligent Agent technology. Once a month, they sample millions of pages from the World Wide Web and analyze those pages to discover relationships between tens of millions of links and thousands of cross-referenced topics. Links2Go provides an interface to these relationships, allowing websurfers to browse links by topic, find links and topics related to an interesting link, and to search for links and topics. Click here to try out Links2Go.


Comment: It reunites both concepts: tree - hierarchy, keywords in context, so when you look for keywords it delivers to you the related links organized by sub-tree! . It gathers and select also the top 100!. It could be interesting for, to get in touch with them in order to cooperate in the vortex seeds integration.



Key fact


Within its facilities if you provide it with a link it delivers a related subject tree back to you! ,  for instance if you put it delivers to you the tree of the competitors and potential partners co-brands!.



deepness: 3

idea, brightness: 10






LookSmart is the world's largest company focused exclusively on search and navigation reaching more than 44 million unduplicated users monthly measured by Media Metrix. LookSmart's directory of 1.5 million Web sites is indexed into more than 100,000 categories, providing quality search results and concise descriptions for each site. Its navigation products reach 50 million unique visitors a month - 78 percent of all Internet users.


LookSmart offers: keyword search, category-based directory and interactive search services providing a navigation infrastructure that helps consumers and businesses find useful information quickly. They have partnerships with Inktomi, Fast Search & Transfer, Direct Hit and RealNames.


Internationally, LookSmart has partnered with BT (British Telecommunications), one of the world's leading providers of telecommunications services, to launch portal services throughout Europe and Asia. In addition, LookSmart has already launched sites for the US, UK, Canadian, Australian and Netherlands markets and built directories for Japan, Korea, France, Singapore and New Zealand, with directories for another seven countries in development.


They have an interactive section: LookSmart Live! where "people help people on the Web".  Users help each other to solve search problems. Through licensing agreements, partnerships and syndication, LookSmart currently provides its navigation products to leading Internet portals such as ISPs, media companies, small businesses and Web sites. Partners include The Microsoft Network, Netscape Netcenter, Excite@Home, Time Warner, BT, Inktomi, US West, NetZero, AT&T Global Network Services and more than 280 Internet Service Providers.



Comment: It has a 4 levels tree hierarchy, presenting their comments at the last level. Notwithstanding the comments are too brief and rather mediocre. We suggest that It could be used by as an extreme resource of search.


deepness: + 3






Marimba, Inc., (NASDAQ: MRBA), headquartered in Mountain View, CA, is a provider of Internet infrastructure management solutions. Marimba’s products are designed to solve the complex management challenges that arise as companies increasingly rely on the Internet to deliver business critical applications, content and services to employees, business partners and customers.


Its Castanet Product Family provides software infrastructure by which companies can distribute, update and manage applications and content efficiently and reliably over corporate intranets, extranets and the Internet.


Marimba’s customer base includes over 300 blue chip companies spanning multiple industry segments such as financial services, government, insurance, retail, manufacturing and telecommunications. They allege that leading companies such as Bear Stearns, Charles Schwab, EarthLink, The Home Depot, Intuit, Ingram Micro, Seagate Technology and Sun Microsystems, rely upon Castanet to help them leverage the Internet more efficiently.


Comment: Its customer portfolio is really impressive for a so young firm: Alta Vista, Home Depot, Seagate, US Air Force, Segasoft, Earthlink,...… However they have a litigation with concerning copy rights and loyalty(see Novadigm in this same report).


Comment: Castanet is in the line of Epicentric e-commerce solutions. Compared with Epicentric it presents “prima facie” by reading their respective brochures a wider and friendly interface with too many potential buyers of Castanet. Castanet was done to work with MS products and between them defined a set of new concepts that differentiate and tend to put apart customers coming from main frame environment from those which selected PC networks solutions.  If interested in marimba products we have to carefully read its faq and its white papers written in html and/or pdf.


Comment: Marimba did an agreement with MS and W3C to disclosure document through a language OSD, titled Open Software Description, which give them a comparative advantage over its competitors.




Commerce One





It's a procurement site apparently supported by very important procurement officers belonging to institutions like:


Schlumberger Oilfield Services

Idaho Power 

University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)

County of Los Angeles

Eastman Chemical 

The Boots Company

Brittish Telecom



MCI Systemhouse

Cambridge Technology Partners


So we suggest to investigate its matrix house: Commerce One. They have offices in:

Canada, England, Switzerland, France, Holland, Germany, Denmark and one in each US region. Its figures are:




350 full-time employees as of June 1999.



Public (NASDAQ: CMRC).


Corporate Headquarters

Commerce One, Inc.

1600 Riviera Avenue

Suite 200

Walnut Creek, CA 94596


800-308-3838 phone

925-941-6060 fax




Comment: They are one of the few implementing XML being supported in that affair by MS together with some other cited in its site, receiving support from the XML pioneers like for instance RosettaNet. Concerning the business community opinion they got eulogy comments from firms like: American Express, GE, Verifon, Taxdata and UPS.


Comment: they are in the big idea, a market place without intermediation among corporations, initially for procurement. Its product is Marketsite 3.0 and the webmarket place using it is Brittish Telecommunications used for most of UK Web procurement.



bandwidth: full

deepness: it seems like going to level 3 but in the near future




Vortex seed


Comment: could be a food vortex seed.




Mining Internet Services Inc

Vortex seed


Comment: they have a mining site, inferior to Nothing new.






Founded in 1996, Moai is a dynamic commerce solutions provider. Its LiveExchange solutions allow companies to create public or private auctions and trading exchanges for the business-to-business, business-to-consumer and consumer-to-consumer marketplaces.


Moai was chosen as one of Red Herring's 1999 Top 50 private companies and Upside's 1999 Top 100 Private Companies.


Moai is a privately held company which list of investors include Redleaf Ventures Management, Tredegar Investments, Walden Group of International Funds, HarbourVest Partners LLC, Reuters Holdings, UPS Strategic Enterprise Fund, Vortex, SI Ventures and BroadVision.

They offer enterprise customers, such as the large-scale manufacturer, a solution to multiple dilemmas.


·          Maximize value gained from product lines being liquidated by introducing competitive bidding

·          Increase inventory turns by increasing the supplier base

·          Collect customer profiles and purchasing behavior by analyzing recorded transactions

·          Expand reach internationally by utilizing multi-lingual and multi-currency functions

·          Test new product pricing by validating pricing against supplier demand

·         Reduce reliance on paper-based systems



They offer solutions to Vortex sites: let’s say an Internet community wants to become a market maker for telecom services procurement. Telecom carriers are proliferating at a rate of one carrier per day. Providing an exchange creates a lucrative business opportunity by keeping pace with the changes in the industry, bringing buyers and sellers of bandwidth together and disseminating up-to-date market information. So they are able to:



·          Establish a system where buyers and sellers maximize value through competitive bidding

·          Ensure reduced time to market so online business can be generated almost immediately

·          Become a portal where members of a vertical market congregate

·          Focus on developing a community that supports sustainable marketplace activity

·          Increase access to rare or time sensitive goods and services

·          Track demographics and behavior of users to better target promotions

·         Add online commerce functionality to community content



They offer to Portals an ASP package that will allow market aggregators, such as an automotive portal, to create multiple commerce sites that are housed under one customer solution. In this way, related markets that could benefit from co-location on the Internet can be administered by different entities.


·          Aggregate and manage numerous related Web sites

·          Mix and match b2b, b2c, and c2c capabilities


With LiveExchange ASP, a portal essentially creates a mall and provides a catalog of merchandise available. Within this listing, related businesses that serve a particular industry can build their exchange sites.


They say about its solutions that they are:


·          Scalable - LiveExchange solutions are built upon a true 3-tier, cross-platform architecture to manage increasing traffic and the rigors of escalating online transactions.



·          Extensible - LiveExchange solutions are enterprise-level solutions that can be integrated with existing applications including third party payment systems, fulfillment applications or inventory management systems through Moai's OpenAPI, a built-in suite of commerce APIs. Moai's OpenAPI also extends the solutions to other external systems such as escrow services and credit card processing.



·          Customizable - LiveExchange solutions use Moai Server Pages (MSP) file templates to build commerce Web sites. MSP templates provide a simple, yet powerful tool to create distinctive and robust Web page templates with dynamically generated content. For the most demanding customization, MSP supports the use of Java™ technology to provide unsurpassed flexibility and extensibility.



Comment: it seems that the clue of its solutions sites on its Dynamic Commerce Engine, a 3-tier cross platform architecture. However they provide neither CF nor XML features.







“Welcome to MooMilk / DairyBiz.

We are George Silva & Margo Souza. We are dairy producers in Turlock, California. Combined, our family-owned businesses have over 85 years in the dairy industry. With the recent advent of computers and the Internet, we decided to join forces and create MooMilk. This is an evolutionary process taking advantage of a revolutionary medium -- the World Wide Web. We hope that you will join us in our commitment to promote dairy through education and interaction that's fun! Please e-mail us (George and Margo) with your ideas and comments.”



Comment: Together with they constitute a dairy vortex. It's a charming site.

It's a two person firm!: I suggest that we should approach to them ASAP!.


deepness: 2, could be easily extended to 3 because of its trapping charm.






Novadigm is a provider of distributed software, content and application management solutions for client/server and Internet computing environments. The Company’s products use patented adaptive configuration and ‘fractional differencing’ technologies to reduce the cost and complexity of distributing software across large-scale networks, cutting management overhead by 80 percent or more.


Founded in 1990, the company is focused on serving the needs of the enterprise segment of the electronic software distribution and management marketplace (*). Its flagship product, the Enterprise Desktop Manager (EDM), enables large organizations to centrally deploy and manage their business-critical applications and manage updates across thousands of distributed desktops without manual intervention.


Its second product line, Radia, enables Intranet, Extranet, and Internet Service Providers to deploy ‘self-service’ websites where subscribers can install, update and repair their own desktop software and ‘just-in-time’ manage their commerce-based services.


(*) Estimated to grow to in excess of $3.3 billion by the year 2001, this market is being driven by both the rapid introduction of new distributed computing platforms such as Web Servers, Personal Computers (PCs), and Network Computers (NCs), and the development of a new generation of distributed applications to run on these platforms. Novadigm's products deploy, update and maintain software across large-scale networks faster, more reliably and with higher adaptability than comparative ESD solutions:


The Company’s products are now in production at more than 170 enterprises worldwide supporting implementations that range in size from thousands to tens of thousands of users.


Comment: apparently it's practically impossible to manage a complex LAN without a program of the EDM type. They provide a EDM demo you may download.


deepness: it looks like 2






MBendi Information Services Ltd is an African company founded in 1995 by a group of professionals with extensive worldwide experience of strategic management, information systems and the corporate world. The company uses the Internet extensively as part of assisting companies around the world to conduct business in and with Africa.


Note: for you linguistic folk, MBendi, pronounced Mmm-bend-eee, is a composite African word meaning "the knowledge that brings wisdom".


The MBendi Website is regarded by many as Africa's premier business website, experiencing more than 175,000 user sessions and over 1 million page views each month. The website audience, which is more than 80% non-African, is largely drawn from the world business community who use it to identify and research African business opportunities.



Unlike most websites, the MBendi website uses an extensive relational database of African information:


The African Trading Space, widely used for trading oil, chemicals and mineral products;

the African Tenders Space, used to advertise government and private tenders;

the African Employment Space, used to advertise jobs and skilled staff; and a

News & Views service, used to disseminate press releases and news summaries.




Comment: It's only a guide to export from South Africa. It could be important as such, restricted to that niche. The idea should be to have al least one partner for each of these niches all over the world regarding the LA market.


deepness: 1 through 2 in some subjects, for instance in country profiles (African countries).

For this characteristic is very important for it could say that covers the whole Africa continent.


38. a Vertical Community



Packaging Network was first launched by VerticalNet, Inc. in June 1998 with two goals: First, to become the leading source of product technology, standards, management and news information in the packaging industry, and second, to create and foster an atmosphere in which engineers, managers, producers, purchasers, designers, and marketers in this industry can keep easily abreast of developments, as well as identify and communicate with those advertisers in Packaging Network who can satisfy their business needs.


Comment: relating to auctions the section is plenty of documents and links but no real auction no real leads up to the moment:  only a list of possible items with a (0) behind.


deepness: prepared for 3 but actually void





Vortex seed_consultant


Site for the procurement of Consulting Services. Consistently at the forefront of industry innovations, continues to help global business clients obtain high-performance consulting services that meet their project needs and maximize consulting investments. Consisting of more than 10,000 consultants from over 1,200 firms, the Affiliate network is one of the largest resources of consulting expertise available today.


A member of the SOFTBANK family and a partnership (*) with DUN & BRADSTREET, focuses exclusively on increasing procurement efficiencies, decreasing overall costs and ensuring the best possible value for the highest level of expertise available in consulting today


(*) They only mention "with the cooperation of Dun &Bradstreet .....".


They proclaim to help its customers to:


Specify the requirements of your project completely and accurately through our easy-to-use online form that guides you through the important elements in detailing your consulting needs.


Identify prospective consulting firms to match your project requirements from a database of more than 240,000+ consulting firms and a pre-qualified network of 1,200 Affiliated consulting firms.


Evaluate the skills and experience of competing firms through a quick and efficient review of the firms' online marketing information displayed in a consistent and easy-to-read format.


Qualify consulting firms' actual performance using detailed performance data from the firms' past projects.


Competitively select the right firm by requesting detailed proposals.



Press release:


Englewood, Colo. (September 30, 1999) —, a revolutionary web-based consulting procurement service, announced today that it has received a first-round investment of $3 million from SOFTBANK Technology Ventures, Pequot Capital Mana gement and Net Investments. In addition, Bradley Feld of SOFTBANK, Gerald Poch of Pequot and Ray Park of Net Investments have joined the company's board of directors.


Comment: as they are oriented to VerticalNet. I suggest it could be advisable to approach a similar firm to open a Consulting Vortex. (Perhaps Intag?).


deepness: 1 through 2



Packaging Buyers' Source Book



Comment: They have a very rough site.......



ZFM, site de la Zona Franca de Montevideo



Its connectivity is extremely poor as its services and content so it would be no difficult to upgrade them almost by free.


Comment: It should be a strategic hit to get an agreement with them because they are the unique officially recognized and visible trade gateway to the Mercosur Region: Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, Paraguay and soon Chile and Bolivia.


deepness: with our help it may go towards 3 easy and fast.






WebMethods is a provider of open solutions for business-to-business (B2B) integration. The webMethods B2B™ solution provides companies with integrated, direct links to buyers and suppliers, connecting them to major B2B marketplaces and enabling real-time, interactive communication through the Internet, regardless of existing technology infrastructure. Powered by XML, webMethods B2B can automate critical business processes such as customer relations, procurement and financial services, supply chain management, logistics and sell-side/buy-side e-commerce.


The webMethods B2B product suite leverages a variety of open Internet standards to automatically link business processes with those of key partners--without the time or expense of altering existing legacy, proprietary or ERP applications. webMethods B2B facilitates secure, guaranteed, bidirectional information exchange between disparate applications within a business community, and easily extends beyond the firewall to integrate with EDI/ERP systems. webMethods B2B also provides support for a broad range of current B2B communication standards including RosettaNet, OBI, Acord, cXML, ANSI X12 EDI, W3C XML, FpML, CPFR, OAG, and BizTalk.



Founded in 1996, webMethods is based in Fairfax, Va., with offices throughout the United States and Europe. Investors include: Goldman Sachs, the Mayfield Fund, MSD Capital, FBR Technology Venture Partners, Dell Computer Corporation, Eastman Chemical, FDX Corporation, KPMG LLP, and SAP AG. More than 100 top companies worldwide ranging from DHL to Cisco to Dun & Bradstreet use webMethods B2B.



Important Fact about B2B integration!:


Enterprises evaluating business-to-business integration solutions face many choices. Some common issues and questions to consider:


Are there business applications in your organization that are not receiving critical data from other business applications -- yours or your partners -- because they don't talk to each other?


Perhaps your company manually transcribes data from the Internet, such as supplier product catalogs and price lists, into your business applications?


The inter-networked enterprise has innumerable opportunities to enhance communications, transactions, workflow, and operations.


B2B integration could be done quickly and easily?


Yes, true business-to-business integration can be done quickly and cost-effectively today using the Internet. And it offers high return-on-investment (ROI). Take automated procurement for example. According to the Aberdeen Group, the average cost of processing a traditional purchase requisition is $75 - $150, compared to $15 - $40 to process a purchase requisition via the Internet -- a savings of $60 - $110 per transaction. In addition, Internet-based procurement helps reduce the cost of goods because manufacturers can reach more suppliers and shop more competitively, helping to bring down prices. Plus, inventory can be managed better. Overall, in studying Internet procurement, the Aberdeen Group reported a 100 percent ROI in less than one year -- and often in less than six months.


Comment: see XML and QML Appendixes to understand the meaning of implementing in these advanced technologies.


Press release:


Dell Agreement: FAIRFAX, Va.––October 25, 1999—webMethods, Inc., a leading provider of open solutions for business community integration, today announced that Dell Computer Corporation (Nasdaq: DELL), the world’s leading direct computer systems vendor, will use webMethods B2B™ to provide the backbone e-procurement transaction integration system for Dell’s B2B Direct initiative. Dell recently announced B2B Direct as its new e-commerce strategy for streamlining the Internet procurement process for its corporate, governmental and institutional customers.


Dell customers can increase productivity and reduce procurement costs by linking their existing IT infrastructures over the Internet to B2B Direct. Through webMethods B2B, Dell customers can integrate procurement operations directly with Dell through enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems and Web purchasing portals—without manual processing or custom re-engineering of legacy, proprietary of ERP systems.


"No one understands the potential and value of B2B e-commerce better than Dell––one of the earliest leaders of the e-commerce revolution," said Phillip Merrick, president and CEO of webMethods. "We are pleased that Dell has selected webMethods to provide a key component of B2B Direct their business-to-business e-commerce initiative. webMethods B2B enables Dell to deliver its B2B Direct solution to its customers, saving them time and money, as well as generating tremendous new opportunities for interaction and cross-selling via the Internet."



Comment: It looks like one of the "official" W3C partners. They will have their particular niche and I estimate that we could not negotiate easily with them any sort of co-brand except being a customer. Notwithstanding it could be a serious referent concerning any B2B e-Commerce Yupi investment.



Real Academia Española



Comment: It's a very important and strategic site for We may offer them a more charming and efficient technology because it's heavy, baroque and inefficient besides! . We have to imagine what kind of proposition could be acceptable for them because is well known how fastidious they are......


deepness: could be 3 with our help!.



Red Herring Magazine



Red Herring Communications is a fully integrated network of media properties connecting and enabling the technology empowered business builders and leaders, ideas and technologies that are shaping and reshaping business today. Red Herring Magazine,, Red Herring TV and Red Herring Events are each a crucial conduit of information, analysis and opinion, between the vision of Silicon Valley and the power of corporate America.



The Lore Of The Red Herring


In the 1800s, wily British fugitives discovered that rubbing a herring across their trail would divert the bloodhounds hot in their pursuit. Later, in debate and detective mysteries, the "red herring" described any clever device used to distract people from the main issue. In the 1920s, equally clever American investment bankers began calling preliminary investment prospectuses "red herrings," as a warning to investors that the documents were not complete or final.


These documents were distinguished by covers printed largely in red. Today, one Wall Street curmudgeon describes a red herring as "the one shining example of truth in advertising in the securities industry." In the spirit of truth in financial reporting, the founders of this publication felt The Red Herring an appropriate name for a monthly dedicated to providing a first look at business information in a style that is at once accurate and provocative.


Comment: we must awake its attention because it seems that the investors are very confident on them.


deepness: 1 => 2, but serious



Vortex seed


This is an example of a primitive but efficient form of Boards - BBS type for trade exchange. People post what the need and people answer publicly what they offer like in a newsgroups freely. We could approach this kind of site to upgrade to a vortex seed of seafood, more sophisticated but without loosing its directness and friendship.


“ is run by John Sackton. With over 20 years experience in all sectors of the seafood industry, John has held responsible positions in both the government and private sector, and has been a seafood business journalist. Prior to founding, he was General Manager at Baader North America, the world's leading developer of fish processing equipment.


His experience with the major North American producers, his world-wide contacts from Baader, combined with his love of computers and expertise in software and data analysis, led him to found Seafood Datasearch as a market research company in 1994.


The following year, Seafood Datasearch became the first company authorized to resell Urner Barry Publications products and services, and Seafood Datasearch became a distributor of Urner Barry's Foreign Trade Data, and Urner Barry's Prospector Database. Yet some customers required more detailed market reports, so Seafood Datasearch began producing specialized commodity reports. In 1998, these reports were taken over by Urner Barry, and incorporated into the Foreign Trade Data service.”



Comment: with our help could get 3 easily.


deepness: 1 ==> 2



Co-brand (?)


It pretends to be a shopping one stop for the Australian market. It's rather disorganized. They sell catalogues (?) and they claim to have access to more than 100.000 customers (?).


Comment: related to the classical seriousness of the Australian sites I do not advise to contact this people.



FI, The Food Institute


Founded in 1928, The Food Institute is a non-profit information and reporting association. With a membership of more than 2,200 companies in 50 states and in over 40 foreign countries, spans the entire food distribution system, from seed companies to grocery chains and all bases between. Members include growers, food processors, importers, exporters, brokers, wholesalers, supermarket chains, independent retailers, food industry suppliers, food service distributors, advertising and banking executives, government officials, and others.


The Food Institute Report


The Food Institute Report is available on the Internet for members along with extensive food industry data and information. Members can view the latest report on-line, download and print all 24-pages or exactly what they want. Copy appears with graphics & charts the same as the printed form. it is published in English, French, Spanish, Japanese, Russian and Chinese. It costs 620$ annually.


This service is especially valuable for members outside the USA, as they can have the report as timely as our domestic members. Now, Food Safety Issues, a monthly update of food safety actions from Olsson, Frank & Weeda, P.C. and The Food Institute can be downloaded as well.  The Food Institute's site is the ONLY on-line source for monthly processor price trend data and member's can even request a free hot link to their site. The Food Institute web site is updated continuously.


The membership benefits begin with the 24-page weekly Food Institute Report in three easy-to-use sections:


1. Breaking News


A reading service for Food Institute members. News you can use, culled from hundreds of daily, weekly and monthly domestic and international publications, company reports, online services, government studies and industry surveys. Items are presented in brief, easily understood terms. In addition, this section includes food business merger activity, and the latest industry financial and economic news.


2. Washington News


A weekly record of actions affecting the food business. Covered are the Administration, Congress, and a wide array of Federal agencies. Also, Federal Register notices, food recalls, significant state and local actions, labor news and other developments you need to know about.


3. Market News


From acreage intentions to finished product shipments; from supply situations to imports and exports, here's market coverage that can make a difference in your marketing plans. We'll keep you up-to-date with exclusive pricing information, too.


Markets covered by The Food Institute include:


·          Fresh Vegetables Fresh Fruits  Canned Vegetables

·          Canned Fruits Frozen Vegetables Frozen Fruits

·          Juices & Drinks Frozen & Bulk Concentrates Dry Peas, Beans & Lentils 

·          Nuts & Nut Meats Dried Vegetables Dried Fruits

·          Canned Fish Frozen Fish Processed Meats

·         Tomato Products   

Commodity Pricing Information reported on:


·          Coffee

·          Eggs

·          Butter

·          Poultry

·          Cheese

·          Cereals &

·         Grains



Comments: we do have to ponder what kind of agreement could we design with this type of institution, so serious, so heavy and without too much commercial pressure. They sell food industry intelligence but the trend is that this exquisite type of info tends to be offered by free in the Internet.


deepness: 3, excellence

They have a parallel commercial domain:



Manufactured Housing Global Network

Vortex seed


It's a Manufactured Housing Vortex. They declare to have + one million visits per month. That's no to bad for a startup.


No information about the owner but email address.


Comment: we should have to contact them prior to think about a proposal.


Deepness: 1 => 2




World Travel Guide Online

Co-brand (?)


It's only a humble site that links to travel-O-City when to look for information.


Comment: not recommended. Only valuable the idea of itemizing the country profiles.


Deepness: 1




Trade Winds Online



Trade Winds Inc. is a private corporation registered in Taiwan.


Business scope

Serving importers and exporters through magazine and directory publishing internet and exhibition services, and media representation.

Year established

Founded in 1975, Trade Winds celebrates its 25th anniversary in the year 2000.

Number of employees

115 working in the Taipei head office, four other sales offices in Taiwan, and three offices overseas.


Indori Marketing Services Pte Ltd, Singapore

Trade Winds Europe, Paris

World Trade Winds, USA


Buyers' Guides are published for these industries:


Auto Parts & Accessories

Bicycles & Parts

Gifts & Housewares

Hand Tools


Medical & Health Equipment

Mold & Die

Motorcycles, Parts & Accessories

Sports Goods

Stationery & Office Products



Another 12 web sites, accessible both directly and through, are devoted to such industries as auto parts, bicycles and parts, furniture industry supplies, gifts and housewares, hardware, hand tools, medical & health equipment, mold and die, motorcycles and parts, sports goods, stationery & office products, and toys.


Each year Trade Winds exhibits at more than 130 trade shows throughout the world, particularly in the U.S., Europe, China, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East. Most of these events relate to industries for which Trade Winds publishes a specialized buyers' guide, and they provide an opportunity to meet the importers in those fields. Many leading trade show organizations engage in contra agreements with Trade Winds, bartering booth space for advertising in our publications.

Organizing exhibitor groups.


Trade Winds is the representative in Taiwan for the Tigers of Asia Show/Expo in Miami, Florida, a consumer goods show aimed at the Latin American market. The Taiwan Pavilion at the 1999 event consisted of 128 booths. In past years Trade Winds has brought groups of Taiwan manufacturers to exhibit at shows in the U.S., Germany, France, Italy, Poland, the Czech Republic, Vietnam, Australia, and Brazil. In 1989 the company organized a group of 200 companies to exhibit at the Asia Expo exhibition in Paris, France.


Yahoo! and Trade Winds have signed a contract for joint development of products relating to international trade.


Comments: it's a commercial site that exhibits some Asian industries at the Asian way: in a very mean way, hiding info. I estimate that it will be not difficult to drive an agreement with them. It could b useful to convey LA imports from Taiwan.


deepness: 1 => 2


Trade Winds International

Partners (for big amarillas projects)

Vortex (?)


Specialized in procurement and auction. They express about themselves:


Although we are best known for creating the first Electronic Auction System in 1994, our heritage goes back to 1989. In fact, before creating the world's first successful Electronic Auction System, we had already assisted our clients in the sale of over $5.0 billion through innovative Financial Advisory Services. From 1991-95, Tradewinds was one of the "Top 25" Contractors involved in the sale of real estate and financial assets for the Resolution Trust Corporation (RTC) and the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC). Since 1989, our clients have raise in excess of $30 Billion through our innovative Financial Advisory Services combined with traditional asset sales methods, and more recently Electronic Auction Systems.


We have a rich history in providing innovative Marketing, Financial Advisory and Electronic Transaction Systems Integration Services to Federal Government Agencies, municipal governments and Fortune 1000 Companies.


Terrence Edison Brown, Ph.D. and Sherman L. Ragland, II, MBA, two graduates of The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, founded Tradewinds in 1989. In 1995, Tradewinds became a Corporate Sponsor to The netAmerica Foundation. In 1998, Dr. Brown became the Director of Research for the Foundation as its first Executive in Residence.


Tradewinds list of "Firsts" include:


·          Financial Advisor to the Government of the District of Columbia, 1991.

·          Financial Advisor, US Department of Army

·          Financial Advisor and Auction Contractor, US Federal Communications Commission (FCC).

·         Advisor to the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). First Contractor to assist in the sale of over $1.4 Billion in defaulted multifamily unit mortgages, using electronic asset sales technology.



First Electronic Auctioneer - 1994

First Auctioneer to raise in excess of $1 Billion through an Auction - $1.2 Billion Nov. 1994, Source: Guinness Book of World Records, Supplement 1994.





Tradewinds offices are located in:


Washington, D.C.

Old Town - Alexandria, VA

Hampton, VA

Houston, TX.


Comment: They are serious and seriously define what do you really need to implement an e-Transaction System. It is highly advisable to take a look to its recommendations, applicable to the people looking for “killing” e-commerce solutions, it follows.


Q: Why Do you say "Systems Integration" when it seems that all the new start-ups say, "solutions integration"?

A: We are very glad you asked such a critical question.  We have ten (10) years of experience. During this ten (10) years we have seen a lot of IT "fads" come and go, remember "Push Technology"?

We believe that James Martin was correct. To successfully implement large scale information technology (IT) projects, you must take a Systems Approach;


There are a number of new start-ups who share almost a monolithic mantra of putting ".com" prominently in their name and churning out press releases professing to being capable of doing "everything" for their clients because they have developed the next "killer" solution. Experience tells us that a Systems Approach is better;

The new kids on the block trying to convince you to think "one stop shop solution" may not be around in another ten years, or for that matter another ten (10) months to ensure that the "solution" they SOLD YOU still works.

Case in Point: Online auction "solutions" –


Today there are more than 1,000, "Auction in a Box", or "Pay Us a Million Dollars and We'll Talk About Our… Solution(s)",. These "solutions" range in price from under $1,000 to over $1 million. In the future, when the dust and confusion settles, there will be only a small handful of these "solutions" companies left standing, with only one (1) "Market Leader."


Q: Will you choose wisely?


A: On your own, the deck is decidedly "stacked against you." For every "solution" package available today, at least 20 times as many companies who offered similar "solutions" over the past ten years are "toast", and unfortunately, so are the careers of the MIS and Marketing Managers that selected them.


A "solution" is not the same as a System. "Solutions" come and go every day, but a Systems Approach focuses on the objectives at hand, and not the technologies, which make the results possible. A Systems Approach focuses on the "dog" and not the "tail." A Systems approach uses: Open Architectures (a.k.a. COTS - Common off the Shelf software and hardware), makes allowances for technology obsolescence, and uses life cycle costing to ensure that you are buying, or leasing (hint, hint) what you need, not a "killer solution" somebody SOLD YOU.


Further, a Systems Approach doesn't attempt to force technology into solving logistics and marketing problems, which are best solved through better core strategies, planning or brining in experienced partners. A Systems Approach doesn't put all of the companies [golden] eggs into one IT Vendor's basket, naively trusting that this one (1) Vendor won't: "Go under", Get merged, or Get too busy with its other "Very Special" customers to deliver on the promises made by its marketing team.


Before buying just anyone's "solution", please ask yourself one question: "Should I roll the dice with my career on a "solution" from a company founded within the last two years just because the last four letters of the company's name are '.com', or will I sleep better tonight knowing that a ten (10) year old company with $30 Billion in Electronic Transaction Systems Experience with the Federal Government and several other Fortune 1000 Companies is working around the clock with a team of all stars (including firms like: IBM, CSC, and OpenSite Technologies) to deliver a winning System that will make my boss and me look good?"


At Tradewinds, we always start with five (5) fundamental questions. (Please, forget about what you have heard about the various "TECHNOLOGIES" for a moment). Please tell us:


·          "What objective(s) do you want to achieve?"

·          "How will you measure success?"

·          "What open solutions (non-proprietary) are currently available to produce the desired result(s) i.e. what you want to achieve; What is the track record of the companies backing these open solutions, and what is their commitment to support the solution, on an ongoing basis?" (If you cannot answer this question, we can help you define your objectives, perform due diligence and select the right vendor);

·          "How often will you be bringing assets to the marketplace, and what non-technology strategies are needed to support this?" (again, our experience can help you with answering this question, comprehensively);

·          "What commitment of resources can you make internally, and what assistance do you need externally to achieve success?" (We can help you here too).




Teaming Partners include:


Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC),




MIVA Technologies,

OPENSITE Technologies,

Digital Nation,






deepness: 2 => 3, they are extremely sound.




WebDevelopment, with headquarters in Deerfield Beach, Florida, specializes in developing browser-based enterprise software products and solutions. These browser-based solutions include Internet, Extranet and Intranet custom-developed applications and proprietary products.


Founded in January of 1996, the company has a corporate client list which includes BellSouth, AT&T Wireless Services, Burger King Corporation, Lufthansa, Republic Industries, Visa, Borders and many others. meets the needs of the Enterprise through its three divisions: the Products and Tools Division, the Internet Services Division, and the Professional Services Division. generated $5 million in sales in 1998, and through strategic partners such as SAIC and Microsoft Corp., expects those numbers to quickly rise. It moved into a new 10,000-square-foot facility in March and has hired an average of one person a week in the past several months.


Note: it has 72 employees.


Comment: concerning e-commerce they could offer not too much to, perhaps some help in the health and finance industries.


deepness: 1 => 2


53. Sports

Vortex seed


Comment: t's a seed vortex for the sport industry. Up to the moment it's absolutely empty!.



NetSpeak Corp

WebPhone: associated brand




The Company


NetSpeak Corporation (NASDAQ: NSPK) is a developer and marketer of advanced telephony solutions for Internet Protocol (IP) networks. It was founded in 1995, and acquired Internet Telephone Company (ITC) in the same year being public in May 1997.


They offer a suite of solutions for IP networks that are comprised of advanced telephony applications. These applications are grouped into three tracks and are designed to meet the specific needs of the Service Providers' customer base with applications for consumers, businesses and wholesale enterprises.


Consumer applications: Internet Call Waiting, Voice E-mail, Call Screening, PC-to-Phone and Phone-to-Phone address the IP telephony features that Service Providers' subscribers demand today and offer the enhanced services that will differentiate a Service Provider's business tomorrow.


Value-added business applications: Voice VPNTM, Voice E-commerce, and Phone-to-Phone enable enterprise customers to maximize their business effectiveness, reduce their overall operating expenses and offer their customers enhanced IP services.


Wholesale applications take advantage of voice, data and fax convergence by lowering infrastructure costs for telephony and consolidating voice and data network elements.


At the heart of the VoIP software architecture are the Gatekeeper and Route Server that  work in tandem to improve the network operating performance while simultaneously enabling it to support multiple revenue-generating applications.


Business Alliances and Awards


Partners include CableLabs, Cisco, Fujitsu, Motorola, Natural Microsystems, Portal and Siemens.




·          Telecom Business Top 500, 1999.

·          CTI Product of the Year Award, 1998.

·          Internet Telephony Product of the Year Award, 1998.

·          Computer Telephony Best of Show at CT Expo 1998.

·          Telemarketing & Call Center Solutions Editor's Choice, 1998.

·          Call Center Magazine Computer Telephony Expo 1998 Best of Show Award.

·          International Engineering Consortium InfoVision97 Award.

·          Communications News Users' Choice Award, 1997.

·          Computer Telephony Demo Fall 1997, Hand-Picked Award.

·          CTI Editor's Choice Award, 1997.

·          PC Magazine Editors' Choice Award, WebPhone, October 1996.

·          Computer Telephony Demo Fall 1996 Best of Show Award, WebPhone.

·          NewMedia Invision Award, Best Interface Online, 1996.

·          Customers

·         NetSpeak's customer base includes telecommunications companies, carriers, Internet Service Providers (ISPs), Internet Telephony Service Providers (ITSPs), Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), Fortune 1000 corporations, small and medium-sized businesses and consumers around the world.


They include features that rival any high-end telecom solution - at no extra cost. Each virtual phone includes up to four separate lines, redial, caller ID, online voice mail, hold, mute, inbound and outbound call logging, do not disturb and call blocking capabilities. 


It supports real-time video transmission - even over a 28.8Kbps dial-up connection. Subscribers can capture a still image from the video transmission and store it a Snapshot album to be used in Microsoft® Windows applications. 



Comment: they offer useful services to be considered by together with free email. The trend is towards offering some free phone services through Internet.



Progressive Grocer, connecting the supermarkets industry

Vortex seed


It belongs to Bill Communications, a leader in supermarket industry communications with two major publications: Supermarket Business and Progressive Grocer magazines. With over 130 years of industry experience, Supermarket Business and Progressive Grocer offer a total media solution rivaled by no one else in the business.


Affiliated publications


Beverage & Retail Media Division Asia Pacific Product News,

Beverage Aisle,

Beverage World,

Beverage World International,

Beverage World en Español,

Convenience Store News,

Discount Merchandiser,

Food Logistics,

FoodService Director,

FoodService Director Product News,

Frozen Food Age,

The Gourmet Retailer,

Hospitality Design,

ID Product News,

The Journal of Petroleum Marketing,


Progressive Grocer,

Progressive Grocer Product News,

Restaurant Business,

Restaurant Business Product News,

RT (Retail Technology)



Comment: it should be very important for to approach to this editorial group belonging to the food and to the supermarkets industry.


deepness: 1 => 2



Super Nova



Unisys and SuperNova deliver new servers specially designed to cope with SAP R3 applications.


“Since 1988, we have been providing reliable and adaptable software solutions for Enterprise Application Development & Integration, to over 300 customers with over 70,000 licenses around the world. We help our customers to shorten their development and integration project cycles and to drastically reduce their software related expenses.


Our customers are medium-size companies and large global organizations all over the world, in a variety of industries including Telecommunications, Banking, Energy, Manufacturing, Retail, Services and Government, employing the widest range of hardware, operating system, application, database and middleware technologies.


Working with our technology partners, we are constantly updating and expanding our Enterprise Application Development & Integration solution set in order to keep pace with the latest relevant IT technologies and to offer our customers a rich breath and range in development and integration software solutions.”


They have offices in USA, Netherlands, Germany Italy and Switzerland.


They are leaders in the EAI concept and they say of it:


SuperNova, an experienced solutions vendor in Enterprise Application Development and Integration, is in a unique position to leverage its extensive enterprise application development expertise as well as its core data/application integration technologies, products, channels and its talented people, to address its customers' complex application integration requirements and take full advantage of the growth opportunity in Enterprise Application Integration market. Application integration is a logical extension of application development, and both have been SuperNova's domains of expertise for the past 11years.


In fact, a recent survey of 200 IT executives by Information Week 90% of the respondents viewed custom application development as very strategic to their business and 80% of IT shops doing custom development say the driving motivation is to gain an advantage over competitors. The same survey revealed that the most common packaged applications on which IT shops perform custom development are Financial, Data Warehouse, Customer Management, Human Resources and E-Commerce applications.


Another significant driving force for application development and integration is the fanatic rate of adoption of E-commerce and web-enabled applications by enterprises of all sizes and in all industries. According to IDC, E-Commerce revenues will grow to $333 billion by the year 2002 from only $ 8 billion in 1998. Nielsen Media Research and CommerceNet estimate that there are 20 million people buying products and services through the web and 48 million people comparing products and services on the web.


There are literally thousands of new web-based or E-commerce applications up everyday and there is an ever-increasing need to integrate these new web-based applications with existing back-office, customer service and call center management systems.



SuperNova focuses on integrating data and applications between existing ERP or legacy applications and new web-based, self-service and E-commerce applications.


Comment: up to the moment, should have nothing to do with them except to be aware in its own market evolution: for instance if they think that they are going to offer integrated solutions to its affiliated vortexes, namely from the markets throughout the enterprise applications, they are going to need them. And in that line, they are among the best.




UNZ & Co.




UNZ history told by themselves


B. Hayes was president of the U.S. back in 1879 when Unz & Co opened its doors as a stationary store in the financial district of lower Manhattan in New York City. Although the nation's exporting industry was still in its infancy, Unz & Co soon found that selling stationary, pens, ink, and tobacco was taking a back seat to the printing services they offered to seafaring merchants.


In the years since then, Unz & Co has become more than a printer of shipping forms. We've evolved into an industry leader by providing international traders and hazardous materials transporters with compliance and quality in each of our products.


Through research, industry experience, and direct interaction with U.S. and foreign government agencies, our staff members have become experts in trade and hazardous material regulations. We have always taken great pride in our ability to communicate these regulations to our customers in a precise and expeditious manner - with printed publications, software, and now cyberspace!


Our ability to pin point and incorporate significant regulatory and compliance procedures into our products and services, and to educate our customers, has earned us the Commerce Department's E-STAR Award as well as the title of The Compliance Experts!



Comment: they are compliance experts. will need this kind of support or at least to have an agreement with them. This kind of alliance is like a hub service encompassing all the vortex. I recommend approaching them ASAP.



WorldBid Corporation

Vortex seed



Worldbid is a B2B Internet service Canadian site designed specifically for business use that enables companies and individuals throughout the world to procure/source (buy) and tender (sell) product on a International basis. Worldbids Linux based automated system is easy to use and provides via e-mail all leads directly to the user on a daily basis. Worldbid has a wide International client base that continues to expand as clients utilize the effective Internet tool that the company provides.



Comment: they claim to have 1000 new leads daily - could be right-. I've checked in some categories and the list provided is wide enough to drive us to extrapolate that traffic. I suggest approaching them ASAP.






Comment: t's an extraordinary service that amarillas could offer. We have to think what kind of win-win agreement can we design to attract the good will of this type of sites. This service could be combined with a books section related to the industries, trade and e-commerce.



Vortex seed


Comment: It's an editorial seed vortex owned by a London editorial firm almost invisible: Market Intelligence Ltd. In order to see them as a vortex seed we should investigate a little more.



Ziff Davis





Ziff-Davis is the world's pre-eminent media and marketing company focused on computing and the Internet and Technology transcending national boundaries. Ziff-Davis that employs over 3,700 people worldwide is recognized for its superior delivery of information that helps make sense of the computer marketplace worldwide. It is comprised of six operating units that serve more than 300 million buyers and users of computer and Internet products worldwide:



ZD Education is one of the world's leading publisher of computer training products and services for end users and advanced technology professional.


ZD Market Intelligence is the leading source of fact-based technical analysis and information for the computer, telecommunication, microprocessor and communications industries, as well as the investment community.


ZDTV: Television About Computing, is the first 24-hour cable TV channel focused exclusively on providing information and entertainment about computers and the Internet, incorporating video and a completely integrated web site that enables viewers to interact with show hosts, guests and other viewers in real time.




Something of history for our readers

By riding on ZD



Shortly after the first World War, in 1927, William Ziff, Sr. began publishing magazines. He was certain that aviation was vital to America's future as a world leader and believed in its potential in the military as well as its profound impact on society as a whole. He saw aviation as the next great advance in the world's oldest technology -- transportation -- and launched the company's first special-interest magazine.


Popular Aviation struck a chord, and the result was a successful partnership between readers and advertisers, enabling the magazine to prosper. Two highly successful magazines appeared, appealing to photography buffs and ham radio enthusiasts. The company also launched two special publishing groups that offered myriad seasonal, space, and adventure series magazines and comic books through 1965.


Popular Photography, Radio News (1938, became Electronic News in 1959 and then Popular Electronics in 1972), Amazing ( -- titles like Famous Stories of Hans Christian Anderson, The FBI, Ellery Queen, Lars of Mars, Space Patrol, Bill Stern's Sports Book, Strange Confessions, and many others)


On the threshold of the new decade, William Ziff, Sr., teamed up with Bernard Davis and formed a joint venture that carried the young company through World War II. Ziff-Davis pursued a variety of successful publishing endeavors and added even more new publications to the slate.


The post-war American economy was beginning to boom. William Ziff, Jr. took over the reins of the company in 1955. He believed that as consumers became more affluent and devoted more interest, time and money to leisure activities, their information needs would grow and become more discrete.

William Ziff, Jr. pegged the company's future on special interest publishing. Each existing and newly launched magazine appealed to an emerging, growing niche of enthusiasts. Several annual handbooks and buying guides also debuted as companions to his latest entries.


Sports Car Illustrated (later became Car and Driver)

Popular Boating (later became Boating)

HiFi & Music Review (later became HiFi Review, then Stereo Review)


Advances in air transportation created a booming business and personal travel market. That's when Ziff-Davis charged into the travel and tourism industry, publishing a variety of trade publications targeted at travel agents, hotels and airlines. Ziff-Davis became a major player in the trade press and its business publications rose to a level of profitability and vitality comparable to that of its consumer magazines.


Official Hotel & Resort Guide


Business & Commercial Aviation


Travel Weekly

Hotel & Travel Index

Aviation Daily


Meetings & Conventions


Intellectual Digest

Psychology Today

Official Meetings Facilities Guide


Adventure Travel

Fly Fisherman

The Runner

Sport Diver

Unique Homes




In 1975, Popular Electronics featured the first personal computer, the Altair, on its cover and the first article on micro computing in the popular press. It caught the interest of a young college student named Bill Gates, who soon after left school to sell software for the Altair through a start-up called Microsoft.


Comment: an ever-lasting formula for success

Ziff-Davis concentrated resources and energies on information partnerships and publications solely in the computer industry, using the same formula that made its previous titles so successful -- product-oriented, lab-based editorial of the highest quality.


This was the beginning of the third great era in Ziff-Davis publishing history, laying the groundwork for its legendary success as the largest and most trusted computer publisher in the U.S., now delivering technology information not only in print, but also online, in newsletters, CD ROMs, conferences, computer training courseware, seminars, databases and journals.

Creative Computing

Color Computer



Small Business Computing


PC Magazine

PC Week

PC Tech Journal

Data Sources


Computer Shopper

Government Computer News

Digital Review

Computer Library

PC Sources  PC Computing



Windows Sources

Computer Gaming World

Computer Intelligence

MicroDesign Resources

Information Access Company

Logical Operations

The Cobb Group



ZD Labs

ZD Benchmark Operation

ZD Press


ZD Expos




In the early 1990's, Ziff-Davis first launched a television production unit, and in early 1998, debuted ZDTV: Television About Computing -- the first 24-hour cable TV channel and integrated web site focused on providing information and entertainment about computers and the Internet.





Ziff-Davis was sold to Forstmann Little in 1994, and acquired by SOFTBANK CORPORATION in 1996.


In 1997, SOFTBANK FORUMS and SOFTBANK COMDEX, which produces over 80 business-to-business events worldwide, joined the Ziff-Davis family of properties, becoming ZD Events (COMDEX & Forums/ZDC&F), providing face-to-face interaction for the high-tech vendors and buyers who are transforming the technology landscape.


Ziff-Davis will continue to push the envelope for business and consumer buyers, computer professionals, Internet and game enthusiasts and family buyers worldwide -- the architects of the next millennium -- who are helping to shape how computers affect and enrich our lives. Because we believe in technology.



Comment: if amarillas want to be an B2B e-commerce referent approaching ZD should be a must.


62. http://www,


B2B_soft; competitors



Ariba is a Californian firm, Mountain View, with a deep and wide experience in all the B2B links going from the enterprise integrated systems through Net Market Makers and Valued Added Networks of ISP’s and Portals. They have offices in Australia, Japan, Netherlands, Sweden, France, Germany, Switzerland, United Kingdom and in 20 USA cities.


Concerning those B2B links they offer:


ORMS and ORMX systems for general procurement, Ariba Network Platform for Value Added Services: ISP’s and Portals and Ariba Internet Business Exchange for Network Market Makers, like for instance amarillas.


Related to the Latin American market, Network Market Makers they have signed an importante agreement with Telefonica of Spain to offer MM solutions initially in: Spain, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Peru, and Mexico.


Concerning technologies they have agreements and special co-branded solutions for the Network Platforms (competing in this area with Epicentric) with:



Hewlett Packard


US West



Comment: the look strong just in the middle of the B2B arena, MM and procurement. Concerning this last point they launched solutions for G2B, Government to Business competing with TradeWinds.







TIPS is an informative e-commerce NETWORK available for doing business. It produces services in the fields of commerce, technologies, finances, economy, clean-production and business events, in Spanish, English and Chinese.

Their services are directly connected with e-Commerce in the B2B, B2Cand in the B2G arena mainly oriented for small and medium sized firms.

They express about themselves:

In 1997, 200 thousand companies subscribed directly to the TIPS Network in Latin America, and over 500 thousand joined through agreements with numerous business organizations in the region.

The TIPS Network has 43 National Bureaus distributed throughout Latin America, Asia, Africa and Central and Eastern Europe connected on real-time via the latest communication technology.

They processes and disseminates an Opportunities Board with information gathered directly from companies and aimed at companies. The leads represent opportunities for trading, transferring of technology, contracting services, comparing alternative business opportunities, planning and improving the management skills and competitiveness of businesses.

“TIPS was created in 1986 by the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) with the support of the Italian Government. It is currently backed by the European Commission (EC) and the Dutch and Austrian governments. The EC's support -by way of its AL-INVEST Program- was decisive in the Network's development in Latin America. TIPS has 19 National Bureaus in this region, more than 40 representation or correspondent offices (both provincial and regional) and agreements with over 150 business organization. “

They have a Consultant division DEVNET/TIPS which have developed integral turnkey information systems for several regional, international and national institutions, both public and private.

Comment: they offer very elemental services like the ones offered free by amarillas and many others trade directories and portals charging them to their members (for instance, they send them some trivial info like countries profiles by email).


Comment: they are in the line of Concerning Trade Referral services they offer a network titled NEXUS where the members could ask for information registered in the major “official” Latin American countries trade organizations databases


Special TIPS link service to access Data Bases and/or WWW pages of institutions or organizations wich are part of the TIPS Network .



Brazilian Institute for Information in Science and Technology




Servicio Brasilero de Apoyo a la Micro y Pequeña Empresa



















And they offer General Cooperation Agreements I reproduce here because its utility for the amarillas LA marketing:




UNDP - United Nations Development Program
The TIPS Network, since its birth in 1986, is a UNDP program, and it launched its activities with the aid of the Italian Government.


All the institutional information on the European Union
The TIPS Network holds important cooperation agreements with the European Commission



SAI - AL-Invest`s Computerized Access System - European Commission.
Complete information on business cooperation between the countries of the European Union and the 18 countries of Latin America
AL-Invest - TIPS Agreement
TIPS forms part of AL-Invest since the Program`s origin




ONUNet - Uruguay
Virtual Information and Communication Center for Development. It is an integrated effort to provide updated information on programs and projects, as well as documents and news concerning the various activities carried out by the agencies of the United Nations seated in Uruguay

Internet Promotion System for Argentinean Investments



The Home of the United Nations Environmental Program in Latin America and the Caribbean.

A publication issued by the UNEP.
This is the environmental publication with the largest circulation in the world



United Nations Industrial Development Organization
UNIDO-TIPS Agreement


RIIV is a system designed to provide efficient and timely information services for the industry in particular and businessmen in general, applying the most modern data managing tools available and the latest in communications and computer technology.



ARPEL - Latin American Oil and Gas Companies Association for Reciprocal Assistance
Is your best guide for doing business in the Latin American Region.

FEPALE - Pan-American Dairy Federation
FEPALE is an international non-governmental organization that was founded by, and is composed of, public and private dairy companies and from the Americas.



Proexport Colombia is dedicated to promoting non-traditional Colombian exports by assisting companies in the insertion of foreign markets, providing pertinent information thereof, and by detecting opportunities abroad.

Latin American Organization of Small and Medium Sized Firms
General Secretariat - SEBRAE - Brazil



National Direction of Craft Industries and Small and Medium Sized Firms - Montevideo, Uruguay

The ALADI, formed by the 1980 Treaty of Montevideo, promotes regional integration and trade within the region and with the rest of the world. It offers information concerning its legal structure, organization, data bases, publications and the economic performance of its member states.



The Latin American Economic System (SELA) is a regional intergovernmental organization that groups 27 Latin American and Caribbean countries. Its headquarters are in Caracas, Venezuela

The Circle of Montevideo strives to create an Ibero-American Governability Network, a means for the exchange of information and the development of knowledge. It is promoted by the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) and the Governability Project of the ESADE of Barcelona and Montevideo, and has the support of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB).



The main goal of the UNIVERSITY NEWS Program is to tighten the bonds that the State University of Uruguay has with the rest of society, by giving people access to the Institution's accomplishments and providing information on careers, programs, services and activities, and news in general.

Argentina - Mercosur



The Pontifical Catholic University of Ecuador is a private, catholic, higher-learning institution, canonically established by the Holy See and sanctioned by the Government of Ecuador.

Italian Chamber of Commerce of Uruguay
The Chamber of Commerce is a free association of persons and businessmen whose main goal is to promote trade between the Italian business community and that of the country where it is seated.



Eurocentre of Paraguay
The European Union and Latin American Programme of Business Cooperation and Investment Promotion, Al-Invest, is a project launched by the European Commission wwhich focuses on the role of the private sector and on the integration of a network of effective collaboration.

Eurocentre of Business Cooperation of the Chamber of Commerce of Lima
A new institution, the Eurocentre of Business Cooperation of Lima’s Chamber of Commerce, offers a useful and necessary option for stimulating the development of joint participation projects.



The Association of Exporters is pleased to provide the most diverse and complete information on Peru's exporter, importer and service sectors for the international market. Choose your option of interest.

Secretaryship of Economic and Tourism Development of the Municipality of Guadalajara - Mexico.
The Secretaryship of Economic and Tourism Development of the Municipality of Guadalajara, develops and promotes instruments for the attraction of investments in production and the creation of more jobs and businesses for the state's metropolitan area.



Chamber of Software of Uruguay
Our mission is to contribute to the expansion of the software market and the development of the domestic software industry.

The main international source of information on global issues concerning human security, it is backed by a network of more than 250 journalists in 100 countries and satellite connections with 1200 communication media throughout the world.



Directory of Inter-American Development Bank projects - IBD
Featuring queries by submitted project, approved project, sector and country
IBD-TIPS Agreement

The Latin American inter-governmental organization for information on fishing - The region's best information service on the fishing industry



The International Cooperative Alliance is an independent non-governmental organization that brings together, represents and serves cooperative organizations from around the world.

Mercado Modelo
(Model Market)

The Mercado Modelo is the place where offers and demands of horticulture and fruit products are confronted in Uruguay



CCC-CA - Confederation of Caribbean and Central American Cooperatives
The CCC-CA is the international cooperative organization that represents the collective interests of members of Caribbean and Central American cooperatives.

Integration Institute
Integral training in International Commerce, "Training for Excellence".



Andean Community
Andean economic and social integration organization formed by Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Venezuela. Statistics, documents, legislation and legal framework, news, and commercial, physical, boundaries and social integration. Daily update.




Contraloria General de la República

EMPRETEC is an International Program of the United Nations whose main objective is to support the development of the productive and services sectors


Escuela Superior de Economía y Negocios


Asunción, Paraguay - 04 al 08 de octubre de 1999

Regional Quality Center for Latin America and the Caribbean (CeRC)
Organism in charge of the design and implementation of programmes and projects involving a wide range of areas, including Quality of Products, Processes and Services, Productivity and Competitiveness, Management, Certification of Products, Processes and Services, Foreign Trade, Technological Innovation, Environmental Management, Health, etc.

Industrial Promotion Institute

The Industrial Promotion Institute -IFI- is a National Mixed-Capitals Association which operates in the financial sector and is connected to the Ministry of Economic Development.



Information and Business Center

IFIcentro provides meeting ground for businessmen and institutions from the public and private sector which support individuals and associations in the sectors of industry, commerce and services


Comment: I suggest that must make ASAP an approaching to this organization in order to gain the confidence of the LA market





Telefonica S.A



Telefonica from Spain, with offices in 17 LA countries (including Portugal), 530 potential buyers, 17 million mobile customers and 2.4 million TV users have signed an agreement to deploy B2B Market Makers solutions together with Ariba from USA (see Ariba in this Report).


Comment: It seem us that they are not yet prepared for that but considering its power it will go easily into the MM arena. I suggest to contact them ASAP.






Using the Web and a network of associated professionals brings together high-qualified entrepreneurs with investors from the venture capital sector and from the personnel investor community.


It invites entrepreneurs to submit business proposals confidentially and presented to a published list of investors. The target is in the fields of Information Technologies and life sciences seeking $500,000 to $4,000,000 in seed founding. Individual investors must substantiate that they are "accredited" investors under the rules of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). identifies high tech superstars who are interested in serving as strategic advisors, interim managers, or full-time, permanent operating executives for early-stage firms. The Human Capitalists then work to locate positions within our Portfolio companies that match an individual's skills, interests, and experience. attracts top talent by keeping the individual's desires and goals at the forefront of all matches.


Who they are?. From its Board of Directors we select:


Guy Kawasaki, CEO and chairman

John Dean, president and CEO, Silicon Valley Bank

Joe Grunfest, professor, Stanford University School of Law, former SEC

Rich Karlgaard, publisher, Forbes Magazine


Who sponsor them? Founding Sponsors:


ABD Insurance and Financial Services

Advanced Technology Ventures

Credit Suisse First Boston

Heidrick & Struggles



Silicon Valley Bank

Venture Law Group


Comment: it seem that many are in this line opened very recently by Joe Firmage. Amarillas marketing people have to discuss what kind of approach could be cast along this kind of projects.



IIR - Institute for International Research



The Institute for International Research (IIR) is the world's leading provider of business conferences, training, information technology training, trade exhibitions, and business information publishing for the Arab World. Within Latin America they have offices in Argentina, Chile and Brasil and in Spain and Portugal.


”The group operates an international network of offices in 35 countries. The core business of the company remains the organisation of high-quality, highly targeted business conferences and seminars, of which we present nearly four thousand every year.

IIR Holdings Ltd., based in Dubai, produces timely and topical conferences and training programmes for the Arab world, covering such sectors as banking & finance, transport & distribution, sales & marketing, human resources & training, maintenance, telecommunications, retailing and many more.”


They have joined with reputable educational authorities to offer their students the chance to improve their management skills and business education in Duba, through strategic partnerships with the University of California at Berkeley University Extension, the George Washington University School of Business and Public Management and the Institute of Management (IM).

Comment: It could be interesting to be in contact with them concerning executives education (in connection with the education services offered by amarillas to its vortex members).



B2B_soft; Strategic Intelligence


USWeb is an Internet Professional firm specialized in business Internet strategy. They are a big cosnultant firm with 4.000 employees in 13 countries and 50 offices: USA, Canada, France, Luxemburg, Switzerland, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Germany and Scandinavia.


They started in Dec 1995 founded by Joe Firmage and were launched IPO two years later in Dec 1997 having declared a net profit of 330 millions last year. As a strategic concept they have the concept Time – to – Value, which stands for the time it takes a business initiative to mature concerning success (value) within the brand of E-Success. Among their customers are 46 out of the Fortune 100.


Concerning e-Commerce they recently issued the iAM package allied with OneSoft (programmed as open software and in XLM and derivatives programming tools. The package has no white pages up to the moment, only a non technical general brochure.


Comment: they look like one out of a few dealing with Internet Intelligence from a global point of view so I encourage checking some kind of contact with them, perhaps attending some of their conferences.




It’s the site of Joe Firmage the founder of an Internet visionary. The site is devoted to the Internet startups and about that they declare:

“It all starts with an idea. We only select about ten breakthrough projects each year, each of which we believe has the potential to become a market leader. Once we decide to join forces with a founding team, we hit the ground running. Fast. First we'll collaborate on the business strategy. Then we help raise the strategic capital, assist in recruiting executives, and finally launch the new venture. After launch, we generally take a seat on the board and an equity stake in the success of the business. Along the way, we hope to develop long-lasting friendships with our founding executive teams.”

We proceed to list here four of this undertaken projects:

We raised $16 million in the first round to create Electron Economy, the first dedicated e-commerce operations management company. EE integrates everything between the buy button, doorbell, and back; using the power of the Internet to modernize the inefficient world of logistics, effectively merging e-commerce, physical fulfillment, transportation services, customer support, reporting and financial management is a retirement financial services company. It focuses on the distribution of integrated retirement financial services, such as 401(k) plans, through a nationwide network of benefits experts and plan administrators. plans to establish the largest, most comprehensive portal for long-term financial services on the Internet. The $25 million we raised is getting off to a great start


HyCurve delivers the creative and technical skills that professionals need to effectively implement Internet-focused business solutions. From skill assessment to training and certification, the HyCurve solution is compelling and comprehensive, resulting in online communities of Internet professionals


HardCloud is an Internet-based retailer of action sports and the adventure lifestyle. The company combines Internet expertise with prominent industry players to create an enduring brand within this lifestyle segment. HardCloud is recognized for its spirit, ability to foster growth within the sports, and ability to sell the leading brands that characterize the adventure lifestyle

Joe Firmage in June 1999 did an agreement with USWeb/CKS, SOFTBANK Technology Ventures and Crosspoint Venture Partners to create leading 21st century enterprises. We reproduce here some of the leading concepts issued in that opportunity:


"Between the business models of yesterday and tomorrow, there exists a massive gap between capabilities and requirements that we call the 'Internet Chasm,'" added Toby Corey, founder and principal. "The Internet Chasm is created by technology and resulting new practices that change the assumptions underlying 20th century organizations. Intend Change will offer a select number of clients the industry's most concentrated expertise, and together we will form and reform breakthrough enterprises."

Intend Change is the first "Internet venture construction firm" dedicated to the transformation of 19th century business models into the 21st century. Intend Change fuses the expertise gained from the global leader in Internet consulting with enterprise management consulting, venture formation strategy and organizational planning services into a venture development methodology tuned to the new economy. With these services, Intend Change will partner each year with a small number of leading Fortune 500 corporations and brilliant entrepreneurs to create start-ups and spin-outs designed to become tomorrow's leaders.

"The Internet has fundamentally revolutionized the way the world does business," said Corey. "Traditional brands are struggling to reinvent themselves while many start-ups can't pull all the pieces together to succeed. In the midst of this business chaos, Intend Change is the firm best situated to bring together the essential components for success in the new economy: strategy, funding, people and partnerships."

"Intend Change fills a major gap in the industry," said Gary Rieschel, managing partner of SOFTBANK Technology Ventures. "With the enthusiasm surrounding business on the Internet, we sometimes forget e-business is still in its infancy. Having been the founding venture capital firm behind many of Silicon Valley's most important Internet companies, we are delighted to back the 'Seal Team' of experts that Intend Change is bringing together."



Comment: Only with the purpose of contact lucid people it would be amazing approaching Joe Firmage and/or its associated firms (IntendChange and USWeb). Another idea should be contacting them by way of Intelligent Agents Internet Corp.


Deepness: 2 but with a design of excellence





The Hansa Group is an international group initially from Canada and now with HQ’s in Anguilla. It will attract many Latin American interests and nobody could extrapolate the Internet e-Commerce possibilities so we have to take a vigilant watch over the progresses of this kind of sites as long as they belong to clean money economic groups. They offer the LOCI system approach: "Location Optimized Commerce on the Internet" deployed in seven steps.


Comment: to be aware of the existence of this type of services.







This is an example of an almost “ilegal-legal” business made in between a private firm and a government. The firm anyhow gets public information to allocate on its data base, for instance Drivers Licenses, something very important in the USA, and sell the queries to its data base, legally in a tax paradise, namely Anguilla. We suspect that the government accepts a rather illegal action committed some time anyhow but it is prohibited to update that information, at least legally.


Comment: only to be aware of the existence of this type of business.




CSC – Computer Sciences Corporation

e-Commerce_general systems

CSC's mission is to solve client problems using information technology. They have a staff of 50,000 employees in 700 offices in major cities throughout the world and annual revenues of more than $7.4 billion.

Many of their services comes out from agreements with well known e-Commerce brands like:

SAP (2000 consultants)


Baan (400 consultants)




On their own they rely on its Customer Intelligent Enterprise that is a Relationship Management system. Concerning that they states that:

A 5 percent increase in customer retention can boost profits by 60 percent in just five years. Moreover, the cost of acquiring new customers is five to 10 times that of retaining your best customers. Clearly, it pays to know your customers and keep them satisfied. At CSC, we call that building the Customer Intelligent EnterpriseSM.

Comment: The key of this innocent outcome is to joint efficiently people, data and communications to build up sellable knowledge.

Comment: only to be aware of its existence. They should be very expensive because they provide Seniors with salaries ranging from 140.000$ up. Of course they provide the whole spectrum of IT services.


Aeneid Corp



Aeneid Corp is a San Francisco soft firm. They developed EoCenter, a powerful and ingenuous engine to search the Web looking for documents to feed articles to Publishing portals like the ones of Red Herring and Upside Today. They declare that in the average they surf about 3 million pages through 2000 sites to bring documents for each search.


Comment: this type of engine could complement the Intelligent data base of We should ask more information to study it.



CA – Computer Associates

e-Commerce_general soft


Computer Associates International, Inc. (NYSE: CA), is a firm which provides software, support and integration services in more than 100 countries around the world. CA has more than 17,500 employees and had revenue of $5.3 billion in fiscal year 1999.


They have the whole set of EAP’s (Enterprise Application Packages) we should need to integrate solutions for our customers, partners and sponsors. They provide both products and solutions. For instance they provide free versions of its ant virus Inoculate IT.


Its more important product is Unicenter TNG. They implement this management center by mean of Neugent (neuronal intelligent agents) to manage complex enterprise environments. The core of its soft strategy sites on its EMS - Enterprise Management Solutions ( ). From this site you may see and/or download white papers.


They provide solutions (products and knowhow) for the following links of EMS:


Applications manager

Operations management

Database management

Security management

Network management

Storage management

Help Desk management

Desktop and Server management


Internet management



Comment: it provides a centralized virtual library for future needs concerning e-Commerce knowledge and support.




Co-brand (?)


iCat, a division of Intel, is a provider of e-commerce software and services to Pymes, small- and medium-sized businesses. They provide merchants the basic information, technology, and services they need to enter into e-commerce.

Comment: their services are charged from $100 to $250 monthly depending of the articles list size: from 100 to 1000. They provide a set of templates and a wizard easy to follow for beginners. With this site we have a full price spectrum of Virtual Kits for Pymes, from zero in BigStep to an average of $150 per month using their services. We should contact them as a single prospective to check the quality of their services.






BigStep was created to be a leader of the independent business in the Web, so its market are the USA small businesses.  

It was founded in July 1998 in San Francisco, California, privately-held and funded by US Venture Partners, Mayfield Fund, Partech International, Draper Richards, Silicon Valley Angels, Argus Capital, Staenberg Private Capital, Arba Seed Investment Group, and private investors, having now 60 people. In order to depict the importance of the small businesses market they highlight the following considerations:

  • Less than 10% of the over 7 million U.S small businesses have e-business sites.
  • By 2002, over 3.3 million small businesses will be creating e-business sites.
  • The e-Commerce industry will grow from $9 billion today to over $328 billion in 2003.
  • Small business is defined as a company having between 1-100 employees.

Its services are free enabling the creation of customized e-businesses. Capabilities include building & hosting a dynamic e-commerce Web site, communicating with current customers and visitors, marketing the site, attracting new customers and visitors, and analyzing site traffic and trends.

They offer free: to build and maintain a Web site with unlimited access to their do-it-yourself Web-building services with 12 MB of storage space at no charge and without setup fee.

To conduct e-commerce accepting credit card transactions on the Web, the members need to apply for an online merchant account in Cardservice International. If approved, the Cardservice International's rates through a partner bank are: $14.95 per month, plus $0.15 per transaction, $0.05 address verification charge per transaction, and a 2.67% discount rate for the merchant member account. Own customized catalogs and a free shopping cart are offered free besides

Comment: they do not offer email accounts. They offer only space and very useful but limited technical support.


Comment: we could not get any information about its traffic and registered people. However I suggest to get in touch with them ASAP to learn more about Virtual Kits for Pymes and/or invigorate our marketing approach to this type of businesses.


Deepness: 1 ==>2



Co-brand with Headquarters in Atlanta is a 1998 extension from Pinnacle Publishing, Inc., a newsletter publisher located in Atlanta, GA. Has got more than 8,000 small-business members worldwide. The company lists as an equity partner and has developed strategic partnerships with MindSpring,, FedEx, Hewlett-Packard, SmartAge, AT&T, Symantec and others.


Comment: From the e-Commerce point of view they are a Business Portal for small-business members. They look more like a Pymes Directory promoting most of the services the Pymes will need to enter into the e-Commerce. We could not search any track about their traffic nor their membership.


Deepness: 1 => 2





They are a Business Center for Pymes, small-business firms recently launched with a nice design. They collected very fast 2.5 million in a first round of venture investors and another in a second of 15 million more.


Comment: they occupy a tiny niche of a reference center for small business that wish to enter into the e-Commerce ASAP. They or similar could be considered to maintain and/or upgrade the USA Pymes partner of amarillas.






VerticalNet declares that the formula for its success is the aggregate of content, market making, community people and strategic partnership for each of its vortex. It was the first new-media company to focus exclusively on the needs of industrial audiences, reaching engineers, scientists and manufacturers. They have now 53 industrial communities.

The vertical solutions are organized by Chief Editors at the publishing e-zines style, that is oriented towards satisfying the professionals and executives needs of the specific industry, not oriented towards the market making as amarillas does. They select successful e-zines to be their vortex seeds, and from that basement, they are going progressively towards market making.

Comment: Amarillas approach is completely different, looking for all the possible buyer-seller gateways for each specific industry and prepared both for international trade and for domestic operations. Another difference is the initial market served: VerticalNet serves basically the USA professional market for each industry incorporated in English meanwhile amarillas serves the USA and Latin American business people in a full bilingual context: English and Spanish.

To backup its vortex seed charm they made alliances with important partners like:


Biz Travel



Intellicast, Inc.

Deja News




Vortex description


It is a well-organized collection of registered firms with a list of their principal products produced and/or needed as inputs and industrial processes (we could not yet investigate if they use some industrial code like for instance the SIC but it is evident that at least they use a system of keywords for products and processes to index their databases).  


Comment: Most of their verticals do not have leads, such as a Board of Opportunities. In some industries they are starting with some second hand leads but very scarce.


The industry layout is divided in three sections, namely:


Left: Search engine and Product Center with product information, marketplace and suppliers. Each product is located through a tree process driving the member to the companies that produce that product in the USA market, that is no more than a product locator.


Comment: Even though the process is lineally straightforward, we should look over this presentation because it highlights very well the information stored in the databases.


As a leads substitute they present a showcase section with some offers of machines, tools and appliances used in the industry that is something like a storefront and catalogs. 

Concerning suppliers, they provide a storefront



The Middle: it is its main section and its editorial strength. As the origin is editorial, as we already mentioned above, they provide here all kind of professional services and articles about the specific industry. They publish news and analysys in this section.


Comment: Our document database could be considered equivalent to its article database. However they do not have something equivalent to our Tutorials.


Right: the industry online, with articles, the latest headlines and editorials.



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