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Classified Document Number 4
Number: 004
Date: July 2002
Author/s: Juan Chamero


Subject: Project Execution

Staff to build the First HKM Version

How to build a HKM

This document is a draft to show the feasibility of building a HKM in 150 days, with a staff of nearly 550 people working around the clock to create the first aproach of the HKM, the "mediocre" solution that feeds an Expert System to start an evolutive path through man-machine interactions.

First Map of The Human Knowledge

First Map of The Human Knowledge



Building Staff



1. Direction


Project Director: Juan Chamero – Total Systems Expert

Project Co-Director: Ernesto García Camarero – Mathematician, Web Semantics Expert


The project will last 150 days. It will be carried like a Huge Consultant Multidisciplinary Job. The Project Director’s experience about this kind of responsibilities is vast. As a sample we could mention:


·          Co-Director of The Río de La Plata River Basin Mathematical Model: A Hydrologic Simulation Model done by a French Argentinean Consortium over one of the largest world’s basins. At that time the antecedents were only the works done over Mississippi and Mekong basins.  A staff of 60 scientific and senior professional multidisciplinary people from SOGREAH, the Grenoble Society for Hydraulic Applications (France) and from Argentina, made the pluvial and hydrometric data gathering in Brazil, built and tuned up the model that simulates the wave running along the Río de La Plata river in the Argentine section produced by precipitations over the high basin in Brazil, in only 180 days.


·          Co-Director of the Buenos Aires City Growth Projections till Year 2025: A Mathematical Simulation Model was built to simulate the growth of the center of the Buenos Aires city till year 2025. Consulting Work made for the Buenos Aires Municipal Government. A multidisciplinary staff of 50 people did the task successfully in 120 days. The model analyzed more than 200 different alternatives suggesting the best to feed the Municipality Master Plan till year 2025.


·          General Consultant of, a B2B bilingual Latin American Facilitator built by the American firm Yupi. As the former owner of the site Juan Chamero acted as a Co-Director as well, managing a staff of more than 40 people working around the clock along 180 days.


·          The Co-Director, Dr. García Camarero, is a well-known Spanish IT mathematician and scientific man lately involved in the creation of a Spanish Digital Library. He has been the Director of the Computer Center of the Universidad Complutense de Madrid. His major responsibility in this project will be the Coordination of the knowledge content quality of the map.



2. Staff of the Project


The project will have six areas, namely: Data Collection and Editing, Programming, Content Experts, Web Developing, Operations and Administration.


Data Collection and Editing Area will be responsible of pre selection and selection of the near 500,000 sites to be inspected and then of the 500,000 intelligent resumes to be edited online. An Administrative Desktop will control almost everything. Depending of this area there will be about 500 people, acting as primary editors of intelligent resumes belonging to 250 disciplines. The disciplines have been detected but must be reviewed by the Content Experts area. We may hire those 500 people in one week compromising at least 1000 preventing desertions along the work.

The Director Assistant for this area will be our Laura Federico. We must hire the Director.


Programming Area will be responsible for all the programming: the expert system and all the intelligent agents needed. The task is heavy but we have already done what could be defined as the classic IT “Analyst Folders Set”. The Chief Programmer and Manager will be our Marcelo Behar. We are going to need at least a staff of 10 programmers working along 8 months, three month more to assure a sound documentation and tune up of FIRST along its first three months of life.


Content Experts Area will be the area of the people that guarantee the quality of the whole content. We must hire at least 25 senior level academics people to accomplish that. They must provide the “Logical trees” of the 250 disciplines and their respective initial keywords sets, as the induction propellant impellent bomb of the searching process. They must check continuously the work done by the editors and approve the whole World Virtual Library content as well. The Director of this area will be the project Co-Director, García Camarero. An administrative staff of five people will assist him


Web Developing Area will take under its responsibility all matters related to the use of the map, its “friendliness” and its universal usability. This area must have not only Web designers but cute programmers able to understand and to use what the Programming Area does. We have to take into account the entire future map uses and all its possible byproducts. When for instance, we talk about “intelligence reports” and “intelligence maps” it’s supposed that we have programs that could extract from the Expert System databases all the data needed and then make reports and maps of it.  For instance, a two dimensional map of 10 Top subjects dealt along the last six months. This area will have then three sub areas: Web Design, Web implementation, and Programming. The Director of the sub area of Web Design will be our Nicolás Chamero. We must hire the Area Director, the Web Implementation and the Programming sub areas Directors. We know the right people to do that.


Operations Area will be responsible of any concern to networking, programmers operating support, editor’s support and general support. The whole staff must be alive and aware on a 24x7 policy, receiving and coordinating efforts made all over the world thorough Internet. This area will be co-responsible of all the tests performed by programmers, alpha, beta or running. This staff must be working in parallel with the programmers, along 8 months, in order to assure non-stop and non-failure of the system. The Director of this area will be our Daniel Chamero. The area Director will be assisted by an around the clock staff of 9 people, three per turn.


Administration Area: The last but not the least in a project of this kind, so urged, tight and stressing. This area will be responsible of the CPM-PERT management follow up and of all the documentation and of all the accounting procedures as well. It will have four sub areas, namely: Accounting, Personnel, Documentation and CPM-PERT. This area will work along 8 months to close definitively and properly along the orthodoxy of administration the job done. The Area Director will be our Hilda Sanagua, partner of the firm and with a sound experience in Administration of big projects like this. Its staff will be of 8 people.



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